Opening date set for 'Carousel Coffee' at Disney's BoardWalk Resort

Dec 27, 2022 in "Carousel Coffee"

Posted: Tuesday December 27, 2022 3:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new "Carousel Coffee" will open December 28 2022 in the lobby at Disney's BoardWalk Inn.

"Carousel Coffee" is located just off the main lobby of the BoardWalk Inn, replacing the former gift shop. Orders will be available to-go or in newly refreshed seating spaces inside or outdoors. Operating hours are currently 7am to 4pm daily. View full menu.

Along with Artisan Roasted Joffrey's Coffee, you will also be able to indulge in pastries and specialty beverages.

Some of the specialty items that Carousel Coffee will be serving include a Dark Cherry Mocha Frozen Blended Coffee and Whipped Cream, Cinnamon Bun Frozen Blended Coffee with Whipped Cream, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, and Pomegranate-Green Tea Lemonade.

Pastries on offer include Crunchy Raspberry Danish, Vintage Mickey & Minnie Sugar Cookie, Banana Bread, Croissant, Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Muffin, NJ Crumb Cake, Bagels, and a Mickey Brownie.

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mastromjm5 days ago

Opening day Magic Kingdom began construction in May 1969 and opened October 1971. Cake Bake Shop began construction December 2022 and had to delete the "early" from its already multiple-times-delayed 2024 date. Wow. Anybody wanna ask Gwendolyn what's up?

UNCgolf6 days ago

ESPN Club and Big River Grille were both significantly cheaper (burgers between $15-20 and kid's menu items for less than $10) -- Cake Bake Shop is basically on par with Trattoria al Forno. The biggest benefit will be that it's open for lunch, since Trattoria and Flying Fish aren't, but I don't think it will fill the niche the original poster was looking for.

TrainsOfDisney6 days ago

I’m not sure any sit down place at the boardwalk would have better prices than that.

UNCgolf6 days ago

Items, potentially yes, but prices, not so much. Their burger costs $25. A side order of fries is $11. Even a grilled cheese off the kid's menu is $14. And that's assuming they don't increase the prices because it's at Disney.

TrainsOfDisney6 days ago

It might - the menus look like they could fit the bill.

LSLS6 days ago

LOL, this has to be trolling at this point.

KDM310916 days ago

I feel like Boardwalk needs a good middle of the road priced restaurant or a true quick service. Trattoria is nice, but not exactly inexpensive and a small menu. Flying Fish is pricey. The Boardwalk Deli is pretty limited. They need an accessible, moderate option. Cake Bake doesn't seem like it's going to fill that.

bpiper7 days ago

They should have saved some later effort and just put "Late 2024" in now.

MisterPenguin7 days ago

I'm looking forward to when it says "Fall 2024."

DCBaker7 days ago

The Cake Bake Shop website has been recently updated and has removed the word "early" from the target opening timeframe in 2024 Here's a before and after screenshot.

ToTBellHop8 days ago

It will be.

NeedMoreMickey8 days ago

runDisney 10k is set to race the Boardwalk next Saturday so it will be nice if isn’t full of construction walls

Smiley/OCD8 days ago

I think it needs a Tiana mural on the wall..and while they’re at it, put Splash’s weathervane up there too…

TheEPCOTHistorian9 days ago

Funny enough there’s motivation for the longer timelines too. Ratatouille sat completed and ready to go for months, and TRON gave them financial breaks during COVID. I don’t think motivation is the issue. Intention is.