Carousel Coffee opening soon at Disney's BoardWalk

Dec 13, 2022 in "Carousel Coffee"

Posted: Tuesday December 13, 2022 10:!3am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney announced today that the new coffee shop under construction inside Disney's BoardWalk Resort will be called "Carousel Coffee."

Featuring Artisan Roasted Joffrey's Coffee, you will also be able to indulge in pastries and specialty beverages.

Some of the specialty items that Carousel Coffee will be serving include a Dark Cherry Mocha Frozen Blended Coffee and Whipped Cream, Cinnamon Bun Frozen Blended Coffee with Whipped Cream, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, and Pomegranate-Green Tea Lemonade.

Pastries on offer include Crunchy Raspberry Danish, Vintage Mickey & Minnie Sugar Cookie, Banana Bread, Croissant, Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Muffin, NJ Crumb Cake, Bagels, and a Mickey Brownie.

Disney is yet to provide an exact opening date, but according to today's update, it is "coming soon."

Carousel Coffee will be located just off the main lobby of the BoardWalk Inn, replacing the former gift shop. Orders will be available to-go or in newly refreshed seating spaces inside or outdoors.

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Bocabear5 hours ago

to tone down the purple and make it look like something was happening I would guess....I have never seen that done before.....Maybe it is some sort of new proprietary Cake Bake Shop coating to seal in the freshness? lol

Bullseye196713 hours ago

Hold it. They actually painted EPS boards?????? WHY??????

Bocabear23 hours ago

We were in a big remodel of a house down here in South Florida, and the contractor at one point had them paint the building just to distract from the fact that none of the important things had happened and he had not paid any of the was the cheapest thing he could do to make it look like the project was moving. This reminds me of that...... Hoping not though....The Corn Dog stand looks great though....

optjay1 day ago

TeriofTerror1 day ago

We're staying there next week, so I don't love our odds. I'm fine with the food trucks, but my husband is still holding out for corn dogs. 🤣

ToTBellHop1 day ago

Meant to be this summer, last I’d heard. So they can stop bringing in random food trucks.

mastromjm1 day ago

Not sure, but it looks very close to done

TeriofTerror1 day ago

At this point, I might be more interested in the corn dog stand than the cake shop; at least the corn dog stand seems like it might actually open at some point. Any word on its opening date?

optjay1 day ago

Funny, because that was exactly my thought as I watched them paint it

Bocabear1 day ago

Who knows at this point...I think the paint is a distraction to make it look like something is actually

MisterPenguin1 day ago

I'm presuming that that's just a layer of grey mold that has overtaken the building.

optjay1 day ago

At least the puple is most painted over. Does tgis mean the building will be receiving a "dryvit" type coating snd not a "typical" New England clap board or shingle exterior?

ToTBellHop7 days ago

Still arguing with the insurance company after all these years. Poor bastards.

monothingie8 days ago

The poor corn dog stand was just an innocent victim of circumstance.