Pricing details for new 3-course selection menu at California Grill coming soon to Disney's Contemporary Resort

Jan 24, 2023 in "California Grill"

Three-course selection menu at California Grill
Posted: Tuesday January 24, 2023 7:08am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Pricing for the new three-course selection menu at Disney's California Grill has been released, and is $89 for adults and $39 per child.


Disney says that the new 3-course selection menu is a continuation of the "highly-successful 50th Anniversary celebration offering."

Some items that will be on offer include Fire-Roasted Venison, Goat Cheese Ravioli, and Lemon Chiffon Cake.

Included in the offering is, one appetizer, one entrée and one dessert.

Adult: $89 per person (ages 10 and up), plus tax and gratuity
Child: $39 per child (ages 3 to 9), plus tax and gratuity

Reservations open on My Disney Experience January 31 for the April 1, 2023 launch of the new three-course selection menu.

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Eric GrahamApr 05, 2023

After walking for 10 miles I guess =)

Eric GrahamApr 05, 2023

It actually seems like I would be starving after eating at this restaurant and have to go to another restaurant . . .

Chi84Apr 05, 2023

Next time send it back!

jaklgreenApr 05, 2023

I didn't realize duck was supposed to be tough. I guess every time that I have had it, the chef must have cooked it wrong. LOL

Chi84Apr 02, 2023

Wait . . . Are you in trouble now?

SplashJacketApr 02, 2023

I Got served rubberized duck. Complained and got sassed because "duck is usually tough." No intentions of returning, especially with a prix fixe menu.

SchweinoApr 02, 2023

It seriously was one of our big let downs. My wife could cook better roast...

aladdin2007Apr 02, 2023

I agree. But the question is do they have lasting power operating this way, Im not so sure. People are going to draw the line at some point if they haven't a bit already. Maybe not the castle since thats in the middle of the kingdom, but some of these others not sure how well they are doing or going to do exactly.

Henry MysticApr 02, 2023

I love Flying Fish but it’s still very pricey for what you get (again, still delicious)! Jiko, my comparison, is one of the only exceptional WDW restaurants at this point that doesn’t annihilate your wallet. The Prix Fixe menus from Be Our Guest to Cinderella’s Royal Table, and from Monsieur Paul to California Grill and beyond have in my opinion destroyed any value which they used to have. I’m not spending over double I would normally per person: it’s absurd. I get it, Disney knows they can fill them up to pretty much the same degree while maximizing the profit per person, but to me, it’s these changes that destroy affordability and make me feel like I’m being scammed. Charging for Fastpass? At least it adds value to my vacation, and for a family of four, I could get it for two days for under $240 during peak pricing. Prix Fixe can literally add $200 extra to what is already an expensive meal with no value added. I’m not a cheap person, but I am efficient and hate wasting money. I’ll go to Tokyo Disneyland, but I’m absolutely not flying 1st class because it offers so little additional value. Same for the Grand Floridian over the Swan and Dolphin, as they are comparable other than the ‘status’ aspect. Likewise, I’ll go to California Grill, but I’m not dropping money on a prix fixe menu now that it is one. I’m fortunate to be able to afford these things but there is still a cost-benefit that must be made. Everything I try to do is within reason. Space 220 is even worse than those, as at least most of them have good food. Space is pathetically bad. It’s stuff like this that makes me feel like WDW is a tourist trap while Disneyland just doesn’t and is by contrast, a breath of fresh air!

MealtripApr 01, 2023

Wagyu Strip Loin available for an additional $47. 😂 Pretty soon, $89 is going to be a cover charge. Then the prix fixe menu can go away. 🤔

SchweinoApr 01, 2023

The wonton's live on!!! Gosh those are amazing.

DCBakerApr 01, 2023

The new 3-course selection menu is live at the link below.

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsJan 25, 2023

Elevated fast-food... go elsewhere :).

NYDisneymamaJan 25, 2023

Its all about food cost right now for every restaurant anywhere. Limited menus reduce inventory costs, cut food waste and better deals with suppliers can be negotiated.