Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs coming to Disney's BoardWalk at Walt Disney World

Jul 07, 2023 in "Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs"

Posted: Friday July 7, 2023 10:02am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs from Disneyland Resort's Downtown Disney is making its way to Florida.

The popular corn dog kiosk will be opening later this year at Disney's BoardWalk Resort in the BoardWalk To Go kiosk.

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KeithVH6 days ago

THIS is a guest favorite not all the stuff already discussed.

NelleBelle6 days ago

These look yummy although wish there was a plant-based option.

Doberge6 days ago

Hopefully they're not using the Bake Shop crew or we should start looking to 2025.

DCBaker6 days ago

Opening pushed to 2024.

Dead200917 days ago

Can you dip them in the hot cheese though. The hot cheese still exists....right?!

The Colonel17 days ago

They had a surprisingly good burger there.

DCBaker17 days ago

Moveable planters surround the BoardWalk To Go kiosk as it appears the transition to Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs is about to begin.

PlowboyJul 29, 2023

That probably means by our December trip it'll be $12.99! C'mon Bob, stop talking about how prices "might" have gotten a little too high and do something about it.

JIMINYCRJul 29, 2023

i'm always into eating the entire foot long. DW isnt a fan of hot dogs so theres no fight over it. ;););)

Eric GrahamJul 28, 2023

We like the food at Big River Grill. It can be also easy to get into.

G&CsMomJul 28, 2023

IMO, the Boardwalk doesn't need another TS. It needs a proper QS. I wish they would remove Big River Grill and make that a QS. It could serve a plated hot breakfast which is sorely missing in this area. Lunch and dinner with burgers, philly cheesesteaks, bucket of boiled shrimp, fried chicken and waffle sandwich, etc. Of course it would also have the elusive soda refill station for mugs. This QS should be open until at least midnight given the late hours of the nearby lively bars. The Cake Bake Shop is going to be expensive and it will have it's following, at least for a few years. The QS in the whole area is so limited. Not everyone wants to go to a TS as it's more expensive and sucks up valuable time.

Eric GrahamJul 27, 2023

If you want to save money and are a couple, then buy a foot long hotdog and split the hotdog. Cheepo rules to live by!

BocabearJul 27, 2023

Yup! That's the idea, but indoor table service and a lot nicer...but fun casual fare and late night. Especially with the festival crowds this would be gold.