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Jun 07, 2016 in "B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co."

B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. overview
Posted: Tuesday June 7, 2016 11:17am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Springs has opened some big name restaurants over the past year, with STK Orlando, Morimoto Asia and The BOATHOUSE leading the way.

But this doesn't mean that Disney has neglected quick service walk-up offerings. Recently opened are three Disney owned and operated walk-up kiosks, The Daily Poutine in the Town Center, Aristocrepes and B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. in the Marketplace.

You'll find B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. just across from T-REX and the LEGO Store on the new Marketplace causeway.

For a kiosk, it is elaborately detailed, with attractive signage, including a large fork and sausage on the chimney.

The Big Bad Wolf himself can be seen on a weather vane on the rooftop.

The Food

As you would guess from the name, B.B. Wolf's is all about sausages, so liking sausage is the key here.

There are 5 items on the B.B. Wolf's menu, ranging in price from $8.49 for the Veggie Sausage, to $10.39 for the 3 Little Pugs Sampler.

The 3 Little Pigs Sampler consists of a Reuben, a Bacon-wrapped with Black Bean Salsa, and a Chili Cheese.

Visually, the dish looks great, and is even more impressive when you consider it came from a kiosk. Everything is assembled to order, which reflects in the quality of the dish. But prepared to wait 5 minutes for your food to be ready once you order.

All three had a bit of heat to them, nothing overwhelming, but if you are not a fan of spicy, you might be best to try something else.

The bread was fresh baked, and we enjoyed the dish. The side of house-made pickles was a nice accompaniment.

Priced at $10.39, it represented pretty good value. The dish could certainly work as a lunch, or even a dinner, and should be considered as a full size portion.

Next we tried the Portuguese Sausage, served with a vegetable salad and chili-mustard. 

Like the sampler, it packed a bit of heat, and had great flavor. The slaw and pickles were a great cooling contrast to the sausage.

Costing $9.39, it is a full serving, and it is significantly larger than anything you would get at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival.

We were especially impressed with the bread on all the dishes, which was soft and fresh, just how it should be.

Along with fountain drinks, you can also find draft beers including a Goose Island Four Start Pilsner and  a Yuengling Lager.

The Verdict

We didn't go in with high expectations, but are happy to report that B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. is well worth a visit. The food was far better than you would expect from a walk-up kiosk, and the fact it's made-to-order really shines through.

The food isn't cheap, but is comparable to other quick service restaurants at Disney World, and in many cases is a far better option. But compared to a quick service restaurant, it has a significant flaw - there is no place to really eat it. There are a few stand up tables near the kiosk, but on a busy day they are quickly taken. There are a few walls in the area where you might be able to grab a spot, but they are typically occupied by guests waiting for T-REX. So you may very well end up eating on the move. Which is far from ideal.

To sum up, B.B. Wolf's is well worth trying. It is perhaps best visited during the daytime when you have a chance of finding a place to eat, or be prepared to eat on the move.

Operating hours are 11am to 11pm daily.

Check back for our reviews of the other new kiosks, The Daily Poutine and Aristocrepes.

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Matt_BlackJun 08, 2016

That sausage looks GOOD.

Gabe1Jun 08, 2016

It looks yummy but will not likely try. Not a fan of trying to eat on a bench or standing in the heat. I'd be wearing those toppings on my clothes. Kiosks are great for a cookie, an ice cream or better a Margarita, Florida heat and rain I wish they would have put more thought into QS seating with some shade if not A/C and shelter from the Thunder Storms. So during rainy times and very hot days the few indoor QS are still going to be very packed? Wish Disney didn't need to keep relearning the same lessons from mistakes with QS at the Studio's and initially at AK. A/C is nice.

E-ticket PrincessJun 08, 2016

This Portuguese sausage isn't like the kind from Portugal at all. It is a Hawaiian Islands speciality and got its name from the early explorers who first sailed to the islands. The recipe isn't anything like linguisa. It is a popular breakfast meat in Hawaii. Along with seared Spam.

DavidS1234Jun 07, 2016

Here's a bit of little known PI trivia for you. The accounting offices for PI were located above The Missing Link. You had to go behind the service area, through the back door, and up two flights of steep, dark stairs over the water to get to the offices. Once you were inside, the sound insulation was incredible. You couldn't hear any of the craziness that was going on down at the brick road. :)

DavidS1234Jun 07, 2016

Any of the old-timers on here remember The Missing Link at PI? That's the first thing that popped into my noggin when I saw this. :'P

Hockey89Jun 07, 2016

RI/Mass Portiguese people traditional have food like the azores than the original motherland.. Very different food than Portugal.

TaoBoxerJun 07, 2016

Good review. I agree with the lack of seating, not only there, but for most QS. I just never could understand that.

senor_jorgeJun 07, 2016

I'd assume Linguica, but the color doesn't look right.

CaptainAmericaJun 07, 2016

I don't know what the heck kind of "Portuguese sausage" that is. It looks delicious, but not like anything I've seen in the Portuguese communities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.