Aristocrepes, Daily Poutine and B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. to open at Disney Springs Marketplace next month

Apr 22, 2016 in "Disney Springs"

Aristocrepes, BB Wold Sausage Co kiosk construction
Posted: Friday April 22, 2016 9:17am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Three new gourmet kiosks will open next month at Disney Springs Marketplace.

B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co.

Opening on May 15, B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co will offer artisan sausages from a kiosk across from T-REX on the recently opened marketplace Causeway.

Menu items include The Three Little Pigs - a trio of sausages each with different toppings: Reuben, bacon-wrapped with black bean salsa and chili cheese; Portuguese sausage with pickled vegetable slaw and chili mustard; sweet hot sausage with peppers, onions and marinara; Bavarian sausage sandwich with a mini-meterwurst, braised red cabbage and spicy brown mustard on a pretzel roll; and Italian veggie sausage with peppers, onions and marinara.


Both savory and sweet crepes will be on offer. Menu items include beef with horseradish cream, red onion, baby spinach and sharp Cheddar; vegetarian with pickled beets, goat cheese, candied pecans and baby greens; turkey with Brie, dried cranberries and Dijon spread; or smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers, onion and “everything bagel” topping.

On the sweet side, s’mores crepe with marshmallow cream, chocolate sauce and graham cracker crumbs; banana with Nutella and salted caramel; Key lime cheesecake with white chocolate and chiffon crouton; or strawberries Romanoff with Chantilly cream and strawberries.

Aristocrepes is located near to Rainforest Cafe on the Marketplace Causeway and is planned to open on May 22.

The Daily Poutine

Gourmet fries with four varieties of toppings on thick-cut French fries—Classic, with beef poutine gravy and Cheddar cheese curds; Latin with fried yucca, black beans, pulled pork and queso fresco; Italian with Bocconcino mozzarella and Bolognese sauce; and French with mushroom cream sauce and Gruyere cheese.

The Daily Poutine will open May 15.

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Jon81ukJun 22, 2016

Disney Food Blog did one But their reviews do tend to be on the positive side..

jensenrickJun 22, 2016

Has there been a review of Aristocrepes?

wdwmagicJun 07, 2016

REVIEW - B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. at Disney Springs

JenniferSMay 27, 2016

Wow, they all sound good. I'll take one for the team and have one of each. Just to review them, of course.

RSoxNo1May 27, 2016

Looks like it soft opened 5/20, officially opened 5/22.

hpyhnt 1000May 25, 2016

Has potential. Assuming they don't skimp on the size of the crepes, pretty reasonably priced.

brb1006May 25, 2016


Next Big ThingMay 25, 2016

It was open when I was there on Friday night.

WDWtravelerMay 25, 2016

Photo update as of Wednesday, May 25. Construction walls are removed around Aristocrepes. Not sure if it is open yet. Nice background art at the self service counter for napkins, utensils, etc.

dstrawn9889May 23, 2016

its the adipose trying to get away...

Next Big ThingMay 23, 2016

For some reason after I ate the Poutine, my nose felt like it got really stuffed. I'm not sick or anything either so it was odd. It quickly went away.

tribbleorlflMay 22, 2016

The Classic Poutine was awesome. Great value as one order fed the whole family as a later afternoon snack.

ChrisMMay 18, 2016


SlowjackMay 18, 2016

You mean to go to Disney Springs for a meal, from a park specifically, on Disney transport? That is a hassle, I agree. I wonder if at some point Disney might consider offering bus routes between parks and the Springs that don't start until eleven or something like that to discourage parking at the Springs to visit the parks. Also, visiting the Springs for just a meal is easier now than ever before if you're not coming from a park via Disney transport. The decks and their parking space sensors make getting in and out a breeze. So yet another reason why I'm glad to have stayed offsite the last two trips.