1900 Park Fare to reopen this spring at Walt Disney World's Grand Floridian Resort

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Posted: Thursday February 8, 2024 9:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced today that 1900 Park Fare at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort will reopen to guests on April 10, 2024, with new dining offerings.

Find out more about the Disney's 1900 Park Fare reopening, including new characters and updates to the decor.

The character dining location has remained closed since the pandemic shutdown.

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headintheclouds3 days ago

Too much right? 🙄

Bocabear4 days ago

Who is Asha? lol ACTUALLY putting all of the character...from whatever time period they are from, into late Victorian/ Edwardian fashion for the restaurant is a really fun idea...it would make those characters completely unique...and could be a draw. The interior would have to be dressed a little more elaborately to pull it off, but that could be a real thematic draw with uniquely dressed characters... It's not like they have not changed character costume designs over the years...

Miss Rori4 days ago

Mirabel's wish for the miracle to bless her (if one can call it a wish) didn't actually come true...and of the others, only Tiana really worked to make her wish come true; the others needed outside help. And between that and the star motif of the pictured food, it's way too obvious that Asha was supposed to have Mirabel's place at this meal. I know it's nitpicking, but...

James Alucobond4 days ago

I wasn't suggesting Aladdin and Mirabel should stay. I was making two separate statements ... 1) Tiana works better than Aladdin and Mirabel since she was at least alive during the tail end of the correct time period, and 2) if they're going to use characters that don't quite fit, giving them new costumes à la Toppolino might be nice.

Tony the Tigger4 days ago

*Fare, not “Fair.” 😀

LittleBuford4 days ago

But why would she be dressed to fit the time period of the restaurant when Aladdin and Mirabel aren’t? If capturing the turn-of-the-century feel is the priority, Tiana’s adventurer outfit, while unglamorous, is close to the mark already, as it’s pretty unchanged from what (male) explorers c. 1900 would have worn.

James Alucobond4 days ago

For the film, yes. For 1900 Park Fare, I’m suggesting alternate costumes that fit with the restaurant.

LittleBuford4 days ago

Bustles were very much out of fashion by the 1920s; it would be highly anachronistic to have Tiana wear one.

LittleBuford4 days ago

You can remove the “almost”—the costumes can only be from the Victorian period!

LittleBuford4 days ago

The film is set in the 1920s, and she is only 19, so she definitely belongs to the period after. It’s not too chronologically far off, though

James Alucobond5 days ago

Fair enough. The Tremaines are definitely in Victorian style. I don’t think Tiana’s princess dress works all that well, though. I actually think a compromise between the bayou look and a gown could be nice. Like, similar silhouette on the upper body to the bayou jacket, but lose the hat, add formal gloves, and attach a subtle bustle dress.

UNCgolf5 days ago

Disney's Cinderella almost definitely takes place during the Victorian era (although I don't think that's necessarily the main ingredient to making a character fit), but Tiana is probably the second best fit on the list -- especially if they had her in princess dress.

James Alucobond5 days ago

To be fair, Tiana is probably the only character on that roster to actually exist during the Victorian era. 🤷🏻‍♂️

aladdin20075 days ago

feels like its coming to that doesn't it