Muppet scavenger hunt begins at Epcot this weekend

Apr 04, 2014 in "World Showcase"

Posted: Friday April 4, 2014 8:39am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Starting tomorrow, April 5 2014, you can take part in a Muppet scavenger hunt in Epcot's World Showcase.

In celebration of the new 'Muppets Most Wanted' movie, guests will travel around World Showcase looking for Muppet treasures.

You can pick up a clue packet in World Showcase Plaza, with the hunt taking place in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany pavilions.

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Cmdr_CrimsonApr 22, 2014

Always a pleasure! :D

JimboJones123Apr 22, 2014

Thank you for this.

JohnDApr 22, 2014

In The Muppets, Miss Piggy lived in Paris. The Muppets "simply" "traveled by map" to recruit her.

jessfriendsApr 22, 2014

Haha! There's a chance I can make it on the 11th but wouldn't be in the park that long to do it.

BoltApr 21, 2014

I overheard that was apart of the reason why, seemed crazy, I know!

jessfriendsApr 21, 2014

Thanks, figures I arrive on the 12th...

BoltApr 21, 2014

Runs until May 11th.

jessfriendsApr 21, 2014

Is this still going on? Any word on ending dates?

Blackburn23Apr 09, 2014

Excited about this!

wdwmagicApr 08, 2014

Just a special promo for the movie. It is not permanent or a replacement for anything.

dvitaliApr 08, 2014

Is this a replacement for Agent P/ Kim Possible or a several week one time only event?

Cmdr_CrimsonApr 08, 2014

GAHH! The Songs in my head..Now Everyone Sing along!

JimboJones123Apr 08, 2014

I noticed a new Constantine wanted poster up in Italy on Friday.

steel_phantomApr 08, 2014

What type of things are you searching for in each of the countries? Is it one item in each country or is it answering questions in each of the countries?