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Across World Showcase Lagoon, 11 nations display authentic wares, ethnic cuisine, shows, entertainment and architecture representing their cultures. World Showcase ambassadors come from across the globe to represent their homelands. As part of the show, holidays and festivals are commemorated by the ambassadors in ways they would be celebrated "back home," allowing Epcot guests to join in these international celebrations. Even the landscaping changes from country to country around the 1.3-mile promenade.


Clockwise around the promenade:

Mexico, with an authentic marketplace, lively Mariachi bands and a boat ride through Mexican history.

Norway, where guests embark on a voyage through time beginning in a 10th century Viking village.

China, with unique live entertainment and a Circle-Vision 360 film, "Reflections of China," that showcases past and present China and takes guests to seven cities around the country. 

Germany transports guests with authentic surroundings inspired by towns along the Rhine and in Bavaria.

Italy, romance and beauty featured in a reproduction Doge's Palace of Venice. 

The American Adventure showcases important moments in U.S. history.

Japan, featuring spectacular gardens and outdoor entertainment.

Morocco, where 19 Moroccan artisans spent months re-creating the intricate, colorful tile masterpieces of this North African country.

France, the setting for fresh bakeries, beautiful shops and gardens, artists and an enchanting film tour through its cities and countryside.

United Kingdom, with lovely flower gardens, cobbled streets and corner pub.

Canada, with entertainment by a bagpipe band and a Circle-Vision 360 film through some of Canada's most picturesque regions.