Wheelchairs no longer complimentary at Disney's water parks

Aug 22, 2016 in "Typhoon Lagoon"

Posted: Monday August 22, 2016 7:03am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Like at its main theme parks, Disney is to begin charging for wheelchair use at its water parks.

Both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach now charge $12, with a $100 refundable deposit, which is returned once the rental is completed.

The new policy makes the wheelchair rental process consistent across all of the Walt Disney World Resort properties.

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216bruceAug 27, 2016

Thanks. I've found that debating/discussing just about anything on here is pointless and trying to be 'smart' usually doesn't cut it unless you are 'an insider' (whatever that is...personally, I think they are the guys that walk in during meetings to empty the trash and they 'hear stuff'), so I go for the chuckle. I mean...it's a theme park based on a talking mouse for crying out loud.

Minnie MumAug 24, 2016

It's true. Complimentary resort chairs were discontinued last year. Part of the reason was maintenance and safety issues- resort chairs tended to be in bad shape. And some (although I'm sure not all) guests would get one and then use them in the parks, instead of paying for a rental. I believe each resort still keeps one or two for emergency use only.

asianwayAug 24, 2016

Also very lifestyler free. They seem to fear water

rob0519Aug 24, 2016

According to this thread, you can no longer get wheelchairs as resorts. I have no idea if this is true. http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/wheelchairs-at-wdw-resorts.908630/

CDavidAug 24, 2016

They actually charge for wheelchairs now at the resorts? We always had to sign for the thing, but there was never an actual bill presented for its use.

SorcererMCAug 23, 2016

Ok. I didn't see the part about the deposit being required for this. In considering the practical reasons for the charge - I'm wondering if it's so wheelchairs aren't getting left out exposed to the elements? so then they would do a refundable deposit to help make sure they are returned. I don't know where the rental area is relative to the park entrance/ exit.

rob0519Aug 23, 2016

I have absolutely no problem with the $12.00 daily fee. We pay it at all the parks already. I just find it interesting that there will be a deposit required at the waterparks and Disney Springs, but not at the four main parks. I can understand Disney Springs in a way. It would be pretty easy to roll the wheelchair into the parking lot and off the property, but TL or BB? Not so much.

SorcererMCAug 23, 2016

In an earlier post I used my grandma as an example...and what I wanted to write, but didn't was 'Sorry, grandma! Looks like you stay back at the hotel in the A/C'. :p ;) (please don't take it the wrong way, my grandma had quite a sense of humor). I think you both have valid points, I think that it's a family/individual decision. I'm not sure that $12 rental fee is a deal-breaker for most folks, but if it's only for a few hours it does seem like nickel and dime-ing to a limited extent (since they are now charging for something they didn't used to), IMO.

Dead2009Aug 23, 2016

Yes, water parks are simply free of antics from teenagers.

DisneyFans4LifeAug 23, 2016

You are absolutely right. I have a 2 and a half year old daughter and would be there to spend time with her regardless of my mobility.

rob0519Aug 23, 2016

I'm not trying to invalidate your opinion. Yes, it can be difficult for injured or permanently disabled individuals to navigate the parks in a wheelchair. You're a good friend for trying to help your buddy have a day in the MK. It appears however, you did not read my reasoning for going to a waterpark or any of the parks in a wheelchair. It's all about being with family and sharing experiences even if you are not participating directly. When it comes to your kids and grandkids, "easier" is not always the right response.

DisneyFans4LifeAug 23, 2016

My opinion is based on pushing someone in a wheelchair around MK because he had a broken foot and then watching him use one of those little scooters that you rest your knee on after he got frustrated with the wheelchair. I've been to both water parks numerous times and they're not the easiest to get around if you're in a wheelchair or scooter. The sidewalks are narrow, crowded and there are plenty of stairs. I'm not saying it's impossible, simply that it would be easier to sit by the pool at their own resort.

rob0519Aug 23, 2016

Shortsighted opinion if there ever was one. Just because a person is in a wheelchair and can't do the pools and attractions at the water park doesn't mean they don't have a reason to be there. What about the parent or grandparent in the chair listening to their child or grandchild telling them how awesome it was to go down the big slide by themselves for the very first time? Watching the enjoyment on their faces during lunch talking about how much fun they are having. You're opinion is obviously based on not yet having lived long enough to understand certain things.

jencorAug 23, 2016

My wife uses a wheel chair and yes we bring our own chair. She is capable of walking very short distances, usually with aid of having someone near to help if needed or has a cane (we have a hurrycane and she loves it). I will say the waterparks are not easy with a wheelchair and most things we are not able to do because it requires steps, walking and all. We still have 6 unexpiring fun days we can use and we have done Disney Quest, mini golf (really hard for her) and find the water parks the best value still for us. I cannot say I saw another wheel chair when we were there and there is zero advantages of having a wheel chair. There was one slide that had an elevator which we used, the tube ride that goes around the park she could do and we went into the wave pool, where she hung unto me. For you that say it is not worth it, I say for her it was. Would she like to do the other things, a big yes, but this is better then nothing, and we only stay a couple of hours as she tires out. So if you see someone in a wheelchair in a water park, know that we want to enjoy some of what you get to. I did want to add also we would rather use their chair cause one of our biggest fears is while not using the chair someone takes it. It happened in EPCOT and was never recovered.