Both Disney water parks now closed due to impending severe weather

Mar 17, 2014 in "Typhoon Lagoon"

Posted: Monday March 17, 2014 2:15pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are both now closed ahead of this afternoon's expected severe weather.

The theme park areas are currently under a tornado watch.

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sabbyxxoApr 01, 2014

Every time I come to Disney, one or both are closed for weather purposes or there's a malfunction. They should really work on keeping it safe for everyone by closing the parks for a long time to spend good quality time on them. Personally, I go into the water parks, but for the Blizzard/Typhoon lovers, it's time for some long term construction!

MOXOMUMDMar 18, 2014

Is it sad I agree with you?

fillerupMar 18, 2014


ford91exploderMar 18, 2014


LostPrincessKarleighMar 18, 2014

But you have to remember that tornados can crop up, with even the minimal required weather, in a matter of minutes. Better safe than sorry.

PhotoDave219Mar 18, 2014

There was a strong cold front moving through the area today, with a squall line embedded in it. The severe weather did not materialize in Central Fla (thank god) but did make an appearance farther south. It did rain all day as was predicted.

fillerupMar 18, 2014

The tornado watch was a issued out of an abundance of caution and that's fine. That said, weather in the Disney area today ranged from sprinkles to drizzle to a couple of brief heavy downpours. Winds were never more than 20 miles per hour. Point being, weather forecasting is still very much a crap shoot.

BoltMar 18, 2014

Suppose to be beautiful tomorrow.

jedieastonMar 17, 2014

Great. We are going on a day trip to MK tomorrow. :(

prberkMar 17, 2014

Interesting. I wonder if there were other people on the ride, like in one of the scenes, when it stopped, and what they did. I am asssuming it stayed stopped. I know one time when there was a hurricane coming, they evacuated the campers from Fort Wilderness to other hotels (I think they said at the time it was primarily the Contemporary, not sure though). Hope everyone heeds the watch, and pays attention this time. As for storminess in general, and hard rains (sans a tornado watch or warning), I always try to bring an umbrella -- as sort of my "insurance" against rain. (You know, if you have it, it won't rain; if you don't, it will!) But no matter what, I consider EPCOT the worst place to be in a powerful rain. There is simply NO way to get out without crossing major lengths with no cover. As those raft rides always say, you WILL get soaked if you try to go anywhere in EPCOT during a rainstorm. LOL. (I just go into one of the films or American Adventure and enjoy the show, or sit down for dinner and wait for it to subside, but sometimes you can't help it and you have to leave -- in which case, you WILL get soaked! Unless you have your umbrella!)

ford91exploderMar 17, 2014

All a WATCH means is the conditions EXIST for tornado development, A WARNING means a rope on the ground and time to get under cover.

ScooterMar 17, 2014

It's pretty sad when there are torrential downpours, winds so strong they're bending trees, all the water parks are closed, and there are tornado warnings all over the Central Florida area and i would STILL rather be in Disney World than where I am now in this cold winter weather here in the Mid-West....

FigmentsFangirlMar 17, 2014

Honestly, I am glad the CMs are on the ball when it comes to foul weather; Though personally I was there a few weeks ago, it rained for a good hard while. So much so that we got soaked just getting to the monorail alone! Now, they said there was heavy rain at the time, but man did it come down. I've never been to WDW when a tornado warning was issued. Honestly, I think it'd be fun. Don't get me wrong, Disney during a Tornado, and everyone so calm and happy, telling jokes, doing trivia games with the CMs, it honestly sounds like fun. But I hope everyone is safe should the watch become a warning.

rd805Mar 17, 2014

stay safe all!