Latest look at TRON Lightcycle Run construction from Magic Kingdom

Jun 28, 2022 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

TRON Lightcycle Run construction - June 26 2022
Posted: Tuesday June 28, 2022 10:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a latest look at the current construction progress at TRON Lightcycle Run in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

With work complete on the canopy, the main focus on the exterior is finishing the entrance ramp and arrival area.

Disney has not yet announced an opening timeframe for TRON at Walt Disney World, but we expect to hear more during the D23 Expo in September.

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Br0ckford19 minutes ago

Pre Thanksgiving would be great. We will be there week after.

corran horn40 minutes ago

A friend is going in May and hoped to me it'd be complete by then. I had to contain a bit of a smirk to be honest...

JoeCamel2 hours ago

Last goal I heard was to have it open for the holidays, I think they really want it open pre Thanksgiving and have the grand opening next year. I think they will make it

arich352 hours ago

We are going for almost 2 weeks Dec 7th-18th, hopefully it will be ready

PeopleMoverLover9 hours ago

I have heard late November/early December. Is there any truth to this? We are going the first week of December

marni19711 day ago


Ayla1 day ago

The only reason I've heard of Tron is because of the ride at WDW. Literally did not know it existed prior, nor that it was a seemingly popular IP.

UNCgolf1 day ago

But they had no intention of leaving it visible permanently, which is what matters. Unlike the Harmonious barges or Cosmic Rewind.

Coaster Lover1 day ago

Regardless of output, I'm really shocked this hasn't happened yet. I've been a few places that had solar panel covered parking and it's so, SO nice. Being able to park in the shade and know your car won't be 150 degrees F when you come back at the end of the day is such a nice perk. Could easily do that for the preferred parking areas and bump that parking fee up by $10 to help cover the costs. Speaking of parking, Ive found that the $25 standard parking fee at Disney is downright reasonable compared to other parks. I was just at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ and was shocked to see that standard parking is $40 there.

Bartattack1 day ago

The panels on the Paris parking lot can deliver power for about 17% of the resort's power needs.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

From a concept artist's website:

SilentWindODoom1 day ago

Just gonna leave this and all the included links to other articles here. As the person who found the one flat post outside Typhoon Lagoon to sit on and is a master at finding places to sit on these trips, just lemme at it! :cool: Whoa! I've never seen this piece of art. I thought we only ever had the two pieces. One bathroom is blue bike. One bathroom is orange. There's something wrong with my brain. It started playing Smash Mouth. I've been ruined. That's not true. Disney wouldn't be Disney if Haunted Mansion, Pirates, etc. were all just industrial boxes sitting in front of you with no facade hiding the ride building while you were walking through the park. The theming is a huge part of the appeal (seeing buildings from places other than on the ground inside the park is much less of a concern). It's not like Disney is doing that with every ride now, or even most rides, but TRON and Guardians are both easily visible inside the park (TRON is not as bad as Guardians, though, partially due to its location). That's not a good trend. The Mansion box was easily visible when the park opened. Hypothetically if they ever tore down and replaced Space Mountain like they are doing in Japan, they could move the new building southwest a bit, opening up a much larger space between tron and SM, and then use/modify the railroad underpass that is used at the current SM or create a new one, and use it as an access point for guest to a new massive courtyard in front of the tron canopy giving it an area like in Shanghai with a dj booth and stuff. Hell you could fit a TRON bar in that space itd be massive NO!!! WE DO NOT NEED THE RAILROAD TO BE DOWN FOR ANOTHER FIVE YEARS!!! the only reason I ever heard of Tron before the sequel/reboot: I've no idea where I first learned of Tron. But I want to add to the pieces of popular culture that likely taught people:

J45461 day ago

If Disney ever covered up Epcots (among all the other parks) parking lot with solar panel shades like they are doing ni Paris, that would keep the GotG showbuilding from view when in the parking lot. I wonder realisticly how much power covering the entire epcot parking lot would generate, would it be enough to power a major ride or two? or more? I really dont know how to translate size with wattage and how much each ride takes.

Patcheslee2 days ago

In keeping with Tron theme Disney is working at dial-up speed.