Latest look at TRON Lightcycle Run construction from Magic Kingdom

Jun 28, 2022 in "Tron Lightcycle Run rollercoaster"

TRON Lightcycle Run construction - June 26 2022
Posted: Tuesday June 28, 2022 10:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a latest look at the current construction progress at TRON Lightcycle Run in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

With work complete on the canopy, the main focus on the exterior is finishing the entrance ramp and arrival area.

Disney has not yet announced an opening timeframe for TRON at Walt Disney World, but we expect to hear more during the D23 Expo in September.

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lewisc1 hour ago

An issue for guests who use MDE, cell phone, for ride photos. Some guests either don't use MB or are using old MB

lazyboy97o3 hours ago

You’re apparently choosing to come to this negative conclusion which implies you’re supposed to just ignore it.

Casper Gutman6 hours ago

When has the pendulum swung in a positive direction since, say, 1998? Where are the major improvements that offset what has been lost? Off the top of my head… Pandora is better then Camp Minnie Mickey (but not, perhaps, better then Beastly Kingdom) and Everest is great. I think Dwarves and Pooh are nice and Mermaid is unfairly underrated, but it’s a lateral move from Toad, Snow White, and 20,000. I really love MMRR, but it should coexist with GMR. RotR is very good, if overpraised. But… The overall experience has declined to a degree unimaginable in the 90s. Capacity has deteriorated to a point that makes the parks, especially MK, a miserable slog. Reservations of all sorts rob any joyful spontaneity from the resort. Menus have shrunk, but that’s less of an issue since most restaurants need to be booked months in advance. EPCOT is a cruel shambles that is worse then it was 30 years ago in every significant respect. The MGM makeover was a cost-cut disappointment and TSL is garbage. Prices are larcenous. Hotels are significantly worse across the board. Service has declined. Entertainment has been slashed everywhere, and much of what remains hasn’t been updated since before Clinton was inaugurated. Festivals are lackluster non-events. There is no indication that Disney intends to fix any of this. It’s not a pendulum if it only ever swings one way. What, precisely, is the source of optimism for the future? The parks have been broken at a deeply fundamental level for over a decade and a half - what actual evidence indicates that has changed?

celluloid15 hours ago

MDE could so show your locker number. That is messier and one more MDE required thing but would be something.

doctornick15 hours ago

So, at Universal, they have a central area where you scan your ticket for each section of lockers. So you only have to remember the general area, not the specific locker number. This makes it seems like you are scanning the locker itself. Presumably available ones with be lit up green or something to indicate they are free. That being said, there appears to be some sort of console to use next to the lockers so maybe it’s an either/or and you can use that spot or directly on the locker.

celluloid15 hours ago

Finding things objectively, or even subjectively bad does not mean you are negative as a person. Most here understand what you mean.

solidyne15 hours ago

Magical. It's not a pendulum. It's a wrecking ball.

_caleb16 hours ago

Hmm. Good point. I don't know... eventually?

JoeCamel17 hours ago

As soon as the next truckload of dust arrives (magnet)

orky817 hours ago

Yes, but we just came out of a time of plenty and Disney milked the park cows for everything it could to spend the money on Disney+. Looks like we are now headed into a lean/uncertain time, so when exactly do you think this pendulum is going to swing back?

Disney Glimpses18 hours ago

So very true.

GhostHost100018 hours ago

If nothing was awesome I wouldn’t be on here, sell my dvc, not renew annual passes every year, and keep going. Just because my opinion on some of what Disney is doing and has done over the years is not all positive doesn’t mean I’m wrong I give credit where credit is due but without pixie dust on my glasses

_caleb18 hours ago

Disney has always been boundless creativity (Walt) limited by business realities (Roy). That has not changed. The pendulum does seem to swing to the creative side (during times of plenty) to the constrained (during lean/uncertain times). I'm ready for the pendulum to swing back!

James Alucobond18 hours ago

No. Restrooms.