PHOTOS - Latest look at the TRON Lightcycle Run construction site

Sep 19, 2019 in "Tron Lightcycle Run rollercoaster"

TRON Lightcycle Run construction site - September 2019
Posted: Thursday September 19, 2019 8:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction is continuing in the Magic Kingdom on the TRON Lightcycle Run coaster in these latest photos.

Click the gallery to see more September pictures of the TRON Lightcycle Run construction at Walt Disney World.

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JoeCamelApr 21, 2023

Did they just open something a few weeks ago kinda themed to an old movie or something? Seems I saw a thread once here in the magic but I just can't seem to find it any longer......

UNCgolfApr 21, 2023

That's not really a good way to judge an attraction (and even there, Nemo apparently doesn't rate as highly as other Disney attractions for small kids). Plenty of little kids like the current Imagination attraction too.

IncomudroApr 21, 2023

I love the Nemo ride. I had many great times with my son's on that ride. My son Jack would insist that he sat next to me, and our son Dean sit next to my wife as we rode it year after year from the time they were six. We made an annual habit of eating at Coral Reef on the first nights of our vacation, followed by a ride on Nemo and time spent in the aquarium. Well, just about two months ago - my son Jack now age 21 - went to WDW on his own with his girlfriend. He booked Coral Reef as their first nights dinner, followed by a ride on Nemo and time spent in the aquarium. I think if a person doesn't like the Nemo ride, perhaps they never experienced it through a little kids eyes.

UNCgolfApr 21, 2023

There are a lot of people that skip the ride entirely and just go straight to the aquarium -- the last time I was there it looked like at least 75% were walking around and going into the aquarium rather than get on the ride. The general public doesn't seem to enjoy it. There's also the important consideration that it's worse than if it didn't exist at all, because the aquarium tunnel was more interesting. They could build a new, actually decent Nemo attraction elsewhere (either attached to the Seas or at Animal Kingdom) instead. Plus, they also could have a built a much better Nemo attraction in that space -- one that would have fit EPCOT and made use of the aquarium throughout instead of just covering it up. I think all things considered it's among the worst rides Disney has ever built, not quite as bad as current Imagination but not too much better.

doctornickApr 21, 2023

I personally don't agree. I think the ride is okay as is, but could just use some love and attention - like making sure the anglerfish is always working and maybe buffing up the projections into the real tank of water. I think it is a walk on more of a function of a very high capacity and being tucked away in a corner. After the early mornings, few people walk by that area unless they are making a very deliberate point to do so. Hopefully JoW might draw some more folks to that general area. To me, Imagination is the only ride where I would say "they need to tear this down and start all over".

UNCgolfApr 21, 2023

Finding Nemo. It's a very poor attraction that's almost always a walk-on and is a horrific misuse of the space. There's an aquarium there just behind curtains, after all. It is admittedly a bit different, though, in that it doesn't really need to be replaced as much as it just needs to be eliminated and let the aquarium tunnel just be an aquarium tunnel again. It says something about how badly Disney has bungled EPCOT over the years that those two attractions are almost next to each other.

UNCgolfApr 21, 2023

Oh definitely. I was only talking from my personal perspective; not necessarily what would make sense for Disney.

doctornickApr 21, 2023

Yep, Journey into Imagination is the only ride in all of WDW that I would argue needs to be replaced simply because it is not "good enough" and would benefit from a new ride taking over the space. (In this particular case, something more similar to the original ride.) Other rides might benefit from refurbishments or slight tinkering ("plussing" especially) but do not need to be changed. Money would be better spent adding new rides than replacing existing ones.

gorillaballApr 21, 2023

Yes but you have to admit you are the minority in this case. It doesn't churn through 1500-1700 per hour with an hour wait common because it's widely viewed as a bad ride. Journey Into Imagination... 🎯

UNCgolfApr 21, 2023

This is why -- I think RNRC is terrible. Otherwise, I agree.

CaptainAmericaApr 21, 2023

Or WDW NT. "FAN FAVORITE in FRONTIERLAND is SHOCKINGLY CLOSED" 8th paragraph, you learn that Big Thunder Mountain in Paris was down for like 15 minutes.

imagineer97Apr 21, 2023

I'd make the same argument about a certain flume ride in Frontierland...

gorillaballApr 21, 2023

Why replace or overhaul a ride that is still very popular and chews through lots of paying customers? Invest $ in new, not redo of old quality rides.

SilentWindODoomApr 21, 2023

Better than Inside the Magic. Took a few times to learn that lesson, and sadly it was enough times for me to now get inundated with their headlines.