Permits filed to begin Tron construction at the Magic Kingdom

Jan 19, 2018 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

Posted: Friday January 19, 2018 8:43am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has filed permits for the early-stage site preparation of the upcoming Tron coaster at the Magic Kingdom.

Although we aren't likely to see the actual ride being built for some time, we should soon be seeing ground clearing and site preparation work in Tomorrowland.

On this plan, MK2 refers to the TRON coaster in the upper right, which can be seen as sitting right behind the Speedway and Space Mountain.

Disney is yet to announce an opening date for Tron at Walt Disney World, but we expect to see it debut in the Spring of 2021.

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James Alucobond4 minutes ago

TRON is probably a better match for the direction they want(ed?) to take Tomorrowland's design in as well. It's why I think those bogus theories about Space Mountain being re-themed to Lightyear are completely baseless. They seem to be moving back toward a sleek futurism and away from the more cartoonish raygun gothic.

doctornick4 minutes ago

That was true when they built the original in China, but by the time they announced/planned the ride in MK, the additional sequel was long cancelled (though I guess you could argue it's more in "development hell" and still being kicked around).

J454615 minutes ago

Imo, tron is classic disney and I love it being in the park. I hope they tronify the speedway soon

Dan Deesnee17 minutes ago

Anyone think they made a mistake branding this as Tron? I believe this was announced when they were still planning the Tron sequel, which they aren't anymore. I'm surprised they didn't do a cheap alter and make it Buzz Light-year. Slap some decals and vinyls around. Change the projections content.

James Alucobond1 hour ago

Yes, the wall to the right on the elevated walkway has already been poured. I guess they’re counting on whatever they put in the planters to the side of the tunnel entrances obscuring the view somewhat? Still wish they’d construct some tall, aqueduct-like structure to at least partially hide backstage both from the area you’re mentioning and from within Storybook Circus, especially near Fantasyland Station and the Barnstormer queue.

J45461 hour ago

im surprised they arent walling off that side of the elevated walkway when approaching the bathroom/lockers/idontknow building so guests cant see the pond/backstage area. I think they are walling it off between the 2 buildings though.

corran horn2 hours ago

Pic from today showing the train transition...

MisterPenguin2 hours ago

Since you continually doubted what we had to say about Epic Universe, why should anyone bother to respond to this question... you'll likely just state you doubt it.

DonniePeverley3 hours ago

Where is the actual source it cost 300 million ?

TheMaxRebo17 hours ago

UNCgolf18 hours ago

It's not nostalgia -- it's that people like different kinds of rides, as I mentioned originally. It wouldn't have been a top ride for me then, just like isn't a top ride for me right now (and I think those closed EPCOT attractions were better than nearly everything that exists at WDW now). Guardians relies heavily on physical thrill, despite the story coaster intention. If physical thrill isn't especially interesting to you, it just doesn't offer very much. That doesn't mean it's a bad attraction, because again, people like different things. Some people absolutely love Guardians, and I prefer it to something like, say, Velocicoaster. But I don't think it's as good as even Big Thunder Railroad when discussing coasters that intend to do something beyond physical thrill.

James Alucobond19 hours ago

lazyboy97o20 hours ago

It’s not just the weather you have to worry about, there’s also the bees!

OrlandoRising20 hours ago

I don't agree, and it's useless to argue those opinions (which, ironically, we do seem to agree on). But I have to note that every attraction you mentioned there was a slow-moving dark ride, so Guardians would have absolutely stood out amid that lineup. To argue that something considered state-of-the-art in 2022 wouldn't been have a top ride 30 years earlier is....interesting. That sounds like nostalgia talking. Regarding Epcot's early attendance, it declined in the final quarter of fiscal 1983, and Disney World's overall attendance was below that of fiscal 83 overall in 84 and 85. That weakness was one of the factors that led to the greenmail debacle and Ron Miller being ousted. "Storming the Magic Kingdom" talks about Epcot's attendance being disappointing after its first nine months.