Support structure being removed from the TRON Lightcycle Run canopy

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TRON Lightcycle Run construction - April 16 2021
Posted: Friday April 16, 2021 12:23pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Guests are now getting a better look at the TRON Ligthtcycle Run canopy as the large support structure is being removed from beneath the white steel.

The brown steel supports were holding the pieces of the canopy in position until the entire structure was completed and able to support itself.

Parts of the supports closest to the building are still in position waiting to be removed.

As this phase nears its conclusion, we are expecting to see a pause in construction, with the ride now expected to open later in 2022. Disney is yet to make any official announcement on a timeline for the coaster's opening.

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CastAStone3 hours ago

18.75 second dispatches, right? So 3500 would require an average of 18.2 guests per 5 car train. I would hazard that they’ve never hit that for an hour in the history of the park, but I could be mistaken.

doctornick4 hours ago

Yes, I don’t understand modern Disney’s reluctance to put more than 2 rides in new lands. Putting in a smaller C ticket to balance out the bigger rides in these new builds would be very helpful and could be done as a small part of the total cost.

RSoxNo15 hours ago

I wouldn't say never, but I'd be very surprised at a 5th gate within the next 20 years.

RSoxNo15 hours ago

I assume Falcon was regularly hitting 1700-1800, but we know Rise of the Resistance wasn't. I'm also guessing that the Peoplemover hasn't had many 3500 GPH days in the last 5 years either. With all that said, Galaxy's Edge needed the Kinetic third attraction. I think Pandora gets away with not having this due to the water in the land, but Pandora was also underbuilt from a capacity standpoint as well. As soon as Disney took a few steps forward addressing capacity issues (Soarin', Toy Story, Dumbo, New Fantaslyand), they followed it up with capacity errors (Pandora, Galaxy's Edge, Slinky Dog, Frozen Ever After).

J454612 hours ago

im curious to see what it will all look like with the ramps....cant wait for concrete pathwork to get started!

nickys12 hours ago

I couldn’t decide between 😲 and 🤣. Thanks though, I’d forgotten, or never noticed, the steps in that first concept picture.

egg13 hours ago

In all seriousness it did get changed to a ramp.

peter1143513 hours ago

I think it would already be well under construction if not for Covid

marni197113 hours ago

They “had” to make cuts and they couldn’t cut one of two attractions

trainplane313 hours ago

It seriously needs it. It should've always happened. Seeing the perfectly open area where it was going to go for day 1 before getting cut has annoyed me. They know it'll make big $$ so I still don't understand why it was cut (vs cutting an attraction).

JD8015 hours ago

Well, in 30 years WDW will be beachfront property.

jt0415 hours ago

Yes! Um, what's TSR? Edit..oh Table Service. I was thinking an attraction. Starting with Tatooine..

marni197115 hours ago

Like I said I do think we’ll get the TSR sooner than later.

jt0416 hours ago

You better resend your memo to Universal because they are moving ahead with EU.