PHOTOS - Latest look at TRON Lightcycle Run coaster construction at Magic Kingdom

Nov 03, 2020 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

TRON Lightcycle Run construction - November 2 2020

Here is a latest look at TRON Lightcyle Run, currently under construction at the Magic Kingdom.

As previously reported, the current plan is to complete the exterior canopy before beginning a pause in the project, which will see the coaster moving from a 2021 to 2022 opening.

Parts to complete the canopy are being stored in a facility near to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

According to a post on the WDWMAGIC Forums from a reliable poster who is involved in the supply chain for the construction of the coaster, construction will come to a halt at the end of the year, and will not resume until October 2021.

The plan is to complete the exterior canopies prior to the halt in construction, which will at least provide a visually clean sightline at the back of Tomorrowland.

Numerous factors have contributed to the likely delay in opening. Construction came to a complete halt during the initial COVID-19 outbreak, and although it has resumed, COVID-19 physical spacing for workers has greatly reduced the numbers of people on site. Disney is also seeking to minimize expenditure during this time, and would like to see a return to a more stable financial picture.

TRON was originally to be the centerpiece of the Magic Kingdom's 50th anniversary celebrations.

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Article Posted: Nov 03, 2020 / 8:48am ET
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RSoxNo16 days ago

He defends lousy projects to be a company man. You can tell the projects he truly has passion about if you actually listen to him speak.

Brer Panther6 days ago

Apparently, they're already making plans for Zootopia...

yensidtlaw19697 days ago

The problem is that huge cache of knowledge can only get you so far without the proper mindset. The culture that made Imagineering what it is (was?) has largely not been passed down. I don't blame the Imagineers for this specifically, but it does seem to be true. Tony Baxter has talked at great length about his mentorship from Claude Coats, and you see where those germs took root when you look at Tony's work. The 2nd generation of Imagineers visibly stood on the shoulders of the 1st generation, and the work benefited from it - we're now in the 3rd and 4th generation of Imagineers and we're seeing fewer and fewer influences fromt he 1st and 2nd generation. Which wouldn't automatically be bad if they were consistently creating work greater than that of the first two generations, but . . .

lazyboy97o7 days ago

Art and drawings are not going to tell you why something was done and give you the skills to make it happen. That is the sort of thing learned from experience and shared through collaboration.

Bocabear7 days ago

They have an entire curated library of everything they have ever drawn, every concept floated, everything they ever built... Why wouldn't they take advantage of that huge cache of knowledge... It's not an issue with transfer of knowledge but maybe an unwillingness to invest the time into research on the lessons they have learned...

yensidtlaw19697 days ago

I guess the issue is that the people designing today are not the people who designed the Peoplemover and the Omnimover. Imagineering seems to have an issue with the transfer of Generational Knowledge.

TrainChasers7 days ago

Yes I have! I wish that even if it had got cut as a ride, it would have remained as a kinetic element. Would have added so much life to the land. It did have a crazy low guest capacity, I’m not sure what’s wrong with park designers. The design the people mover and Omni-mover systems and then go “eh why don’t we go back to low capacity rides?”

yensidtlaw19697 days ago

Have you heard about the Bantha Transport ride that had been in development as a Peoplemover-type attraction for Galaxy's Edge? This is purportedly the route it would have taken around the land, with guests riding on the backs of Animatronic Banthas:

TrainChasers7 days ago

I wish both Pandora and Galaxies Edge had people mover type attractions that showed off the rock work, scenery and showed off little glimpses of the attractions. Especially at Galaxies Edge I feel like they could even see each other... like the peoplemover transport could be looking down at the rise vehicles and the rise vehicles could be looking up and seeing the tranporter train... both would add to the story.

yensidtlaw19697 days ago

Indeed - I'm the kind of person who loves seeing attractions weave together in creative ways, but when your land features only two of them and they're in the same building you've kind of put all your eggs in one basket. The Fire Alarm going off in Pan may also shut down Toad and Alice, but it doesn't close Fantasyland. You know? I seem to recall it being suggested that Na'vi River Journey was built because the team saw a creative opportunity to use the open space under the Flight of Passage queue for a ride - I guess the alternative would have meant having to sink the Flight of Passage projection domes into a pit to keep the queue at grade, which is a lot of cost for no great return - so when looked at from that perspective it does seem like a nice bonus, but the guests are almost certain to never see it that way since the truth that it's under the FoP queue is concealed. So that's one of those situations where managing expectations is necessary. No one else knows that the ride is making use of space that would have otherwise been wasted, they're wondering why it isn't longer/better. All that to say, I can see why they did it, and I enjoy Na'vi River Journey for what it is, but there are many good resons a 3rd and separate attraction would have done wonders for Pandora as a land.

lazyboy97o7 days ago

It has in the form of overlays and the justification for franchises. There is also a bit of a false association with the Disney Difference. The problem though is the lack of trust and respect for the parks business. The type of person with the required knowledge to be able to slim the process would never be trusted with so much power. We know why Walt Disney Imagineering is not trusted as we’ve all heard stories about them doing something that Operations had to fix later, sometimes behind their back, and that only gets worse with the loss of institutional knowledge that you mention and the increasing specialization of the industry.

yensidtlaw19697 days ago

In fairness - and I'm generally inclined to agree with this post - Rohde's defense of DinoRama is basically that it's thematically sound, not that guests are wrong if they don't enjoy it. I don't think he's ever dismissed the notion that the area overall has failed to connect with guests, he's simply defended the lens through which they designed it as a legitimate thematic choice. Doesn't mean Dinorama ultimately "worked" - Themed Design is an empirical art form, and no amount of finger wagging can convince guests to enjoy something if they simply don't - but lots of critiques write off the land as an exercise in ripping off the guest both financially and thematically, and that's not really what happened there.

MansionButler847 days ago

Power-related issues. The type of park management issue that WDI seems to ignore now. Build something pretty and don’t worry about actually running it. Remember the fluorescent, reactive walkways designed for Pandora? I expect WDI could have pulled it off for Epcot in 1982 but couldn’t figure it out at DAK in 2017! Ever look around Rome and say, “my goodness they could do incredible things back then. Where did all that knowledge go?” It died with people. The same thing is happening at Disney and the pandemic will exacerbate that. So much talent—gone.

lazyboy97o7 days ago

Why? Most of the Magic Kingdom uses shared facilities. People marvel at things like the way Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Alice in Wonderland and even a bit of Peter Pan‘s Flight are layered at Disneyland. Poor use of space is one of the biggest problems with current Disney. It is how you get tens of acres that only hold a few things with little room for easy expansion.