PHOTOS - Latest look at TRON Lightcycle Run coaster construction at Magic Kingdom

Nov 03, 2020 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

TRON Lightcycle Run construction - November 2 2020
Posted: Tuesday November 3, 2020 8:48am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a latest look at TRON Lightcyle Run, currently under construction at the Magic Kingdom.

As previously reported, the current plan is to complete the exterior canopy before beginning a pause in the project, which will see the coaster moving from a 2021 to 2022 opening.

Parts to complete the canopy are being stored in a facility near to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

According to a post on the WDWMAGIC Forums from a reliable poster who is involved in the supply chain for the construction of the coaster, construction will come to a halt at the end of the year, and will not resume until October 2021.

The plan is to complete the exterior canopies prior to the halt in construction, which will at least provide a visually clean sightline at the back of Tomorrowland.

Numerous factors have contributed to the likely delay in opening. Construction came to a complete halt during the initial COVID-19 outbreak, and although it has resumed, COVID-19 physical spacing for workers has greatly reduced the numbers of people on site. Disney is also seeking to minimize expenditure during this time, and would like to see a return to a more stable financial picture.

TRON was originally to be the centerpiece of the Magic Kingdom's 50th anniversary celebrations.

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TrainChasers14 hours ago

I spelled it the way it shows up in subtitles.

dmw14 hours ago

Is there something wrong with the earth in the future that is affecting gravity?

JoeCamel14 hours ago

I believe the current vernacular is "woah" but Uni you know

TrainChasers14 hours ago

Whoa Doc this is heavy!

corran horn15 hours ago

And there's one not even that far away from WDW...

JoeCamel18 hours ago

If they would just pony up and get one of these bad boys to pull they wouldn't need a tunnel

TrainChasers1 day ago

This is modern day Disney... we aren’t getting anything that nice! Ideally they would do “rings” of light using pixel map LED tubes. That could fun. But at this point I’ll be impressed if the tunnel has any theming at all.

Animaniac93-981 day ago

Like Disneyland's PeopleMover trip thru Tron? skip to 5:10

TrainChasers1 day ago

Same. If it’s really the entire length of the canopy I hope it’s themed so that it ads to the quality of the train ride rather than detracts.

owlsandcoffee1 day ago

My hope is that the tunnel looks a little better than the concept art makes it look.

TrainChasers1 day ago

There is supposed to be a tunnel - hopefully there will at least be a nice lighting package added to the interior of the tunnel to make it feel like you’re traveling through the tron theme.

DoleWhipDrea1 day ago

It is a shame the RR has been closed for as long as it has. Does anyone know what path the train will be taking by TRON exactly? Will it be traveling through to show off the attraction, or just passing by?

MadTeacup1 day ago

Judging by the unpoured concrete decking and amount of hardscape work left to perform, we're probably WAY past the point where it could be done by October 1st - even if they resumed right this very moment. That said, with an 18 month duration, I can almost guarantee you that the train will operate "during the 50th." You mean like Reflections-A Disney Lakeside Lodge? Yeah. Tron might have been accepting guests, but all they'd get to see is a grassy field. Hub Grass 2.0 - A Disney Parkside Meadow I'd also like to add that I'm quite happy Reflections was cancelled.

Mr. Moderate1 day ago

I understand why Disney is delaying projects until the next FY even though I dislike the thought of it and the reason why, but can the powers that be at Disney at least finish up the outside construction enough to allow the train to resume operation? Sure I was hoping that Tron would have been done for the 50th in October and was one of the many reasons why I booked my upcoming trip last two years ago, but at this point finish up the outside construction and give the guests some form of normalcy when visiting MK. Too bad Tron wasn't a DVC project as it would have been done already and accepting guests.