Toy Story Mania third track to open much earlier than expected?

Sep 18, 2015 in "Toy Story Mania"

When Disney announced the third track addition to Toy Story Mania back in March of this year a completion date of late 2016 was given.

Some recent information that has found its way to us however, suggests that the third track may in-fact be operational as soon as the end of this year, in 2015. An early opening would bring much needed capacity to the park for the busy holiday season.

One possibility for the vast difference in completion dates could be that the originally announced late 2016 date includes the full reconfiguration of the ride for its opening as part of Toy Story Land. This is expected to see the entrance completely re-routed to the rear of the current building, and the current entrance to become a backstage area. If the third track does become operational this year, it will likely use much of the existing queue and entrance.

Disney has not yet officially made any announcement on the status of Toy Story Mania's expansion other than the originally announced late 2016 completion date.

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Article Posted: Sep 18, 2015 / 8:56am EDT