Toy Story Mania third track to open much earlier than expected?

Sep 18, 2015 in "Toy Story Mania"

Posted: Friday September 18, 2015 8:56am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

When Disney announced the third track addition to Toy Story Mania back in March of this year a completion date of late 2016 was given.

Some recent information that has found its way to us however, suggests that the third track may in-fact be operational as soon as the end of this year, in 2015. An early opening would bring much needed capacity to the park for the busy holiday season.

One possibility for the vast difference in completion dates could be that the originally announced late 2016 date includes the full reconfiguration of the ride for its opening as part of Toy Story Land. This is expected to see the entrance completely re-routed to the rear of the current building, and the current entrance to become a backstage area. If the third track does become operational this year, it will likely use much of the existing queue and entrance.

Disney has not yet officially made any announcement on the status of Toy Story Mania's expansion other than the originally announced late 2016 completion date.

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DaveeeeedJul 12, 2016

It was 30 at some point yesterday, can't remember when though either morning or evening, but crowds are higher today so all the rides have longer waits.

RSoxNo1Jul 12, 2016

The lowest I've seen it is 60 minutes. It is regularly at 120. Admittedly, I expected it to be regularly at 150-180. It's entirely possible capacity was increased to the 1200-1400 range which certainly helps. I think if they could load two boats at once they'd have a better shot of 30 second dispatches, but it appears the additional show scene was more important.

DaveeeeedJul 12, 2016

I have been keeping close tabs on wait times for all parks, and Frozen consistently stays around Test Track & Soarin'. Obviously the more capacity the better, but it is not as bad as most people think, because then it should be above both of them consistently. Also wait times and crowds are significantly higher today than they've been for the past two weeks.

RSoxNo1Jul 12, 2016

Considering that less than a month after they expanded the capacity at two of their previous operational headaches they decided to open one that was worse than both of them... the jury's still out on whether or not they know what they're doing.

DaveeeeedJul 12, 2016

Currently 35 minutes for Soarin' while Test Track is 55. Toy Story Mania! Is at 40. Big improvement even if crowds are lower.

GoofyernmostJul 11, 2016

Wait, you aren't actually implying that once in a while Disney does know what they are doing and do it right are you? Cause that will upset a lot of people. ;)

Cesar R MJul 11, 2016

I wonder how it will fare with the next row of closures while star wars land and toy story land starts to go vertical.

HauntedMansionFLAJul 11, 2016

Thank you. It looks like the third track and theatre for TSMM and Soarin are doing what they need to be doing.

BrianLoJul 11, 2016

Yes, 'EZDubz' posted recently that average wait times are down to 34 minutes (from the traditional 2+ hours).

HauntedMansionFLAJul 11, 2016

Any updates that this expansion has helped with wait times or is it the same (long waits)?

MagicHappens1971Jun 11, 2016

I remember someone mentioned the dropping of Midway from the name, and I think that its pretty much confirmed, because it's gone off the app and in the D23 TSL announcement last August, they brought up the third track and say we are adding a third track to Toy Story Mania and showed a picture in the background of the ride that says Toy Story Mania!.

Cesar R MJun 01, 2016

Except during the "hoisting". When you get lifting, the speed the top ones get lifted is bigger than the ones on the bottom. Aka you get really high if you're on the first line for Soarin'

SlowjackJun 01, 2016

That's good to know. In any case, I am determined to try again next I am there and it is open.

GoofyernmostMay 31, 2016

If it would help, there is no difference in the feeling on the first row or the last. The screen is curved and you are roughly the same distance away from it no matter what level you are on. You do not have the dangling legs to deal with though.