New Roundup Rodeo BBQ table service restaurant coming to Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Apr 30, 2019 in "Toy Story Land"

Posted: Tuesday April 30, 2019 12:36pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios has been open for less than a year, and plans are already underway for the land's first addition - a new table service restaurant.

The Roundup Rodeo BBQ restaurant will have an immersive environment full of toys, games and playsets. As for the food, no details have been given, we can assume BBQ from the name, and it appears from the concept art that it may be family style.

You may remember the original August 2015 concept art (pictured below), showed a complex of buildings in the area to the lower right side as you enter the land. This was cut from the land that was built, but this is the likely location of the new table service restaurant.

This aerial image shows the land as built, and the likely space for this restaurant is again in the lower right of the image.

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marni19716 days ago

Aren’t they just. I’d still rather stay at the Hilton. One day.

wdrive6 days ago

I mean it makes about as much sense as Princess and the Frog in Frontierland so I wouldn’t even be surprised to see that at some point

Animaniac93-987 days ago

Oh God, now I'm imagining a scenario where they replace all the living animals with oversized fiberglass versions of the Toy Story characters to cut down on operating costs and say they care about animal rights. 🥴 "Now we can play safari in Andy's backyard!"

aliceismad7 days ago

I'm one of those crazies that doesn't mind well-placed IP*, but I will cry if they AKL. Personally I would take almost any WDW resort over the Toy Story hotels in Tokyo or Shanghai. I'd never bothered to look them up cause, well, chances of my going there in the next 5 years are slim to none. *Caveating that I agree some IP is misplaced or contrived and a mandate to include it is dumb.

lazyboy97o7 days ago

I was saying it’s just as ugly. I’m sure some would say that Toy Story would help make Animal Kingdom Lodge “more Disney.”

sullivan.kscott7 days ago

Or are in process with the rest of the All Stars. Ringers for the Pop rooms, really. I like the bigger beds and the Murphy option to free up daytime floor space, but they’re very stark and unimaginative. If you mean LM at AoA, they at least kept artwork and furniture with a theme. Along with shower curtains. They’re not my favorite rooms (I prefer POFQ as a whole), but at least they’re themed and you get a “Disney feel,” as opposed to being little more than a Hampton Inn at twice the price.

aliceismad7 days ago

They reno'd those ASM rooms fairly recently too, didn't they?

sullivan.kscott7 days ago

Duh! Thanks for the reminder. So why not, then, do those rooms like they did the Little Mermaid at AoA? Pretty heavily themed, with standard linens (I prefer themed runners, but that ship sailed). I mean, tub surrounds themed to Rex’s bath time short, a Bo Peep nightstand lamp, some artwork on the walls, and a toy box themed dresser wouldn’t be too much of a stretch from what exists in the other themed rooms.

Captain Barbossa7 days ago

Not the same thing as what’s being built over in Asia, but there is the Toy Story section at All-Star Movies. Now, the inside of the rooms aren’t themed to Toy Story, but it’s something.

sullivan.kscott7 days ago

AoA just got a refresh, and I absolutely love the three films represented there, but making a TS “wing” of family suites would be pretty cool.

aliceismad7 days ago

The only solace I have is that it doesn't look great so far. Given that Tokyo and Shanghai will both have Toy Story hotels, are we expecting the same Toy Story rooms to come to a WDW resort at some point? I thought I read something about that way back sometime years ago.

lazyboy97o7 days ago

And in Japan they’re doing an entire hotel...

4127 days ago

A cardboard box restaurant is a great example of "technically fits the story but is a lousy theme park idea." Imagine all of the incredible, oversized toys guests could have stepped into for a can't-miss dining experience. A Lite-Brite restaurant, with a gorgeous indoor lighting package. A Pizza Planet play set. Or a BBQ restaurant built from Lincoln Logs! But instead of eating BBQ in a nostalgic, immersive Lincoln Log cabin, guests will be served their meal in a cardboard box. It's a disappointingly cheap, lazy choice, and a total wasted opportunity.

aliceismad7 days ago

They could at least paint it Pixar blue with clouds. Then it'd become an Instagram wall.