Toy Story Land opens June 30 2018

Feb 16, 2018 in "Toy Story Land"

Toy Story Land overview
Posted: Friday February 16, 2018 8:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney today announced on ABC's Good Morning America that Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios will officially open June 30 2018.

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SplashZander9 minutes ago

As someone who’s currently using a restroom (actively) in Pixar Pier to avoid the torrential downpours that are closing the parks early today, revisiting DCA after spending extensive time at DHS this past summer, wow. Hollywood Studios is a joke. There’s no part of this park that stands out to me as offensively ugly (except parts of Hollywood land) but Hollywood Studios has ugliness flanking both sides of the hub. IMHO, they did a really good job on Pixar Pier. They plussed Paradise Pier around a decade ago, which made it much nicer. Then with Pixar, they plussed in again. Sure, it’s imperfect, but as a whole, great, enjoyable land.

iamgroot615 hours ago

Would you mind elaborating on this, please?

ToTBellHop6 hours ago

The rest of Pixar Pier? ‘Fraid not. At least Incredicoaster is just a fun coaster. Helps be look past the skewered babies. But it was fun as California Screamin’. All The Incredibles added (to me…) is better music.

WorldExplorer8 hours ago

It looks like something that's relying entirely on referencing something better to make it seem worthwhile. Maybe the rest of it looks better.

Riviera Rita8 hours ago

Please elaborate.

WorldExplorer8 hours ago

This looks like the very definition of "you should like this thing solely because it includes something you recognize".

cjkeating8 hours ago

It's literally an embarrassment to WDI.

Riviera Rita10 hours ago

Pixar Pier in 2019.

Eric Graham10 hours ago

This will be a wonderful addition for families for the Toy Story Land. I'm looking forward to eating at Roundup Rodeo BBQ soon!

iamgroot6110 hours ago

I realize this is an old thread, but as a recent transplant from CA I wanted to comment. The TS "Land" here at WDW is pitiful compared to what they did at California Adventure Park. They don't actually have a TS Land there, but have completely re-themed "Paradise Pier" to Pixar Pier. The former California Screamin' roller coaster now has an Incredibles overlay, and it's awesome (gimme someadat NOM-NOM Cookie and an ice cold milk, please!). Cars Land is amazing (and Radiator Springs Racers is a vastly superior ride to Test Track at EPCOT. An incredibly creative use of the same technology.). I really think California hit it out of the park, so to speak. After walking around TS Land here recently I was utterly underwhelmed. I actually enjoyed staying at the Toy Story wing of the All Star Movies resort more than being in that area of the park. LOL! I doubt I'll ever make it back to DL/DCA, but I hope they find a way to work A Bug's Life back into that Pixar area. I loved A Bug's Land when it was there. It was cool walking through there feeling the size of a bug with all of the oversized plants and boxes/containers.

Magicart8727 days ago

Yep. All the more reason to move it to ToySL.

lazyboy97o27 days ago

This. The name of the attraction is TriceraTop Spin, not Triceratops Spin. They capitalized the pun for us.

WorldExplorer28 days ago

It's also a pun; triceraTOPS. That's why they have spinning tops toys on the entrance sign.

celluloid28 days ago

Intentional irony. A deep cut for people to notice.