PHOTO - Bo Peep from Toy Story 4 coming to Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Apr 04, 2019 in "Toy Story Land"

Posted: Thursday April 4, 2019 11:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Toy Story 4 arrives in theaters on June 21 2019, and Disney has just announced that one of the main characters from the movie will begin appearing at Walt Disney World.

Bo Peep will be appearing in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios from the summer. The land currently includes meet and greets with Woody, Buzz and Jessie.

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DisneyGigiJun 04, 2019

All the way back to 98, when we saw Woody and Buzz the first time- (first trip) Woody’s head almost fell off. I will never forget it, disaster averted and he grabbed it, fixed it quick. All I could think is the horrified kids waiting in line if it had. His costume changed over time, and a shorter neck maybe? I think he looks awesome though. Jessie’s lack of neck has always seemed off to me though. Still love seeing them. Buzz is spot on! Bo does not look bad in the last pic posted at all. Can’t wait to see her.

EagleScout610Jun 04, 2019

I personally think Woody and Jessie both need costume makeovers. They're both terrifying.

NunuJun 04, 2019

Thanks!, I would guess that the flesh colored fabric used in costumes is cooler, breathable and more comfortable than panty hose 😅

Jon81ukJun 04, 2019

I would assume it is because her face can't be seen, therefore they don't want any human flesh visible at all. Characters such as Cinderella or Cruella De Vil where there is a human face generally their human body parts are seen as it marches the head. For characters where a plastic or foam head is used, the entire body is also covered, such as Minnie Mouse.

NunuJun 04, 2019

I really don't get that flesh colored panty hose-like fabric covering her arms and neck! That neck/chest area is going to look very wrinkled every time she turns her neck, it looks weird even when she is looking straight into the camera, IMHO.

NunuJun 04, 2019

Yes! I can see a resemblance 😄

disneyC97Jun 04, 2019

But why is Bo Peep with Jake Gyllenhal in that picture?

MisterPenguinJun 04, 2019


GlacierGlacierJun 03, 2019

Here is the better neck. It's ultimately the performers neck length that's causing it. This was more appropriately sized.

Kman101Jun 03, 2019

But at the end of the day, they're all a bit ... scary still. LOL. And the neck thing on Bo is weird.

ImperfectPixieJun 03, 2019

I'll be the first to admit that as a designer I tend to notice things most people don't. She DOES definitely look better than previously.

Kman101Jun 03, 2019

I think she looks fine. Lots of nitpicking going on, LOL. They're ALL creepy, IMHO. But it is what it is. Better than no Bo Peep and it's much improved.

ImperfectPixieJun 03, 2019

I swear it's because of how her head meets her makes her neck look too short. Not sure what they could possibly do about that, though.

DisneyExpertJun 03, 2019

Maybe they just should stop trying to make Bo happen in the parks. It just never comes off very well, in my opinion. This is definitely the best iteration so far, but the bar was set incredibly low with this one.