PHOTOS - Work underway at the shuttered Tomorrowland Arcade at the Magic Kingdom

Feb 18, 2015 in "Tomorrowland Arcade"

Posted: Wednesday February 18, 2015 11:23am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has wasted no time since the closure of the Tomorrowland Arcade earlier this month.

Construction walls are now up inside the Space Mountain gift store, with the former arcade area completely walled off along the entire length of the store. The phone charger outlets remain accessible, along with the massage chairs and the photo booth kiosks. 

Disney has also filed construction permits for the area, although there are no details on what the space will be used for.

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Matt_BlackJun 02, 2016

Because Comcast is already used to shady business practices; what's one more?

flynnibusJun 01, 2016

It's about being hyper defensive vs actually being in violation.

Nick PappagiorgioJun 01, 2016

I think Disney was just concerned that this could be a problem and decided that the prize counters were not all that important to their business.

ssidiouss@mac.cJun 01, 2016

I'm confused.. if Disney says it was forced to get rid of their prize/ticket counters awhile ago because of the potential impact of some law that was passed.. how is Universal still able to offer it at their resort without a problem?

Cesar R MApr 28, 2015

DCL isnt supposed to be "normal life" ;)

BugzApr 28, 2015

The arcades look so cheap in Disney isnt there enough to do without these trashy things?

betty roseApr 28, 2015

I don't either, but it may be a moot point, since Florida is considering legalizing pot (for medical reason) It's not a big jump from medical pot to recreational witnessed here in Colorado.

Diva120Apr 28, 2015

SEE! Perfect application of disagreement. You don't agree with my taking myself off the other board, but you asked me about it. You didn't take it to that level of swiping at me or push that I should have stood my proverbial ground because you would. In fact, you gave me some advice and guidance - which much appreciated.

unkadugApr 28, 2015

Not everyone on this forum agrees with everyone else. Otherwise it would be a truly boring discussion. Be prepared to defend your statements, especially if they go against the common grain or societal norms.

Diva120Apr 28, 2015

lmao! Yep, not magical at all.

Diva120Apr 28, 2015

Disagree is one thing, coming at me is another. Yeah, I don't like being anonymously antagonized on the internet or in real life. I'm here to share all things Disney because I like it. Prefer not to have a fight about anything with someone I would not otherwise interact with.

unkadugApr 28, 2015

So is life.

Nemo14Apr 28, 2015

But it was very unmagical!

unkadugApr 28, 2015

So, because someone disagreed with you, you are packing up your toys and going home?