Barrel Bridge returns to Tom Sawyer Island at Magic Kingdom

25 days ago in "Tom Sawyer Island"

Barrel bridge at Tom Sawyer Island construction - march 26 2024
Posted: Wednesday March 27, 2024 8:55am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The long-missing Barrel Bridge has returned to Tom Sawyer Island in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom.

The bridge was removed months ago, and it started to look like it may not make a return. An all-new bridge is now in place, but it remains blocked off at both ends while work is completed.

The Barrel Bridge provides a playful and slightly challenging way to cross from one part of Tom Sawyer Island to another. It consists of a series of floating barrels connected end to end, creating a bridge that shifts and bobs under the weight of those crossing it. This movement adds a sense of adventure and requires a bit of balance to navigate, making it a favorite among children and adults alike seeking a bit of light-hearted fun.

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Erik7824 days ago

So glad to see this come back. It’s unique and lighthearted fun for all ages. My kids and I missed it during our trip last August. Hope Tom Sawyer Island doesn’t change, it’s super magical as it is, and adds depth to the park. Feel like it’s the furthest you can go from the outside world.

dvitali25 days ago

while I like the island, I detest the story of Tom Swayer . Need to retire the named and southern racial overtones . Since they have not made the Tianna restaurant yet they should add the restaurant on The island and make it fine dining during the evening hours like Beauty and Beast Castle. Access to the island can be by the river boat. Entrance and pier can face the mountain while eating. New Orlean music also added

Royal Purple Pigment25 days ago

This is great news. I had not gone out on the island in a while but I did in early February and was wondering what happened to the bridge. I am adding some photos of how it looked in early February 2024.

ToTBellHop25 days ago

This opens right as the CFTOD lawsuits are settled. Coincidence? I think not. Clearly, the Board just wanted this back open for the children.

CaptainAmerica25 days ago

Hooray, I thought for sure this was closed permanently for either liability issues or ADA compliance or some such.

Captain Barbossa25 days ago

Didn’t realize the bridge was closed for a refurb to begin with. Glad it’s back. Like others have alluded to, it’s a hoot.

Captain Culpepper Cline25 days ago

I absolutely love Tom Sawyer’s Island the way it is. Just keep Aunt Polly’s open. Welcome back barrel bridge! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ToTBellHop25 days ago

The hassle is why it’s quiet! I once tried to swim over to save time and was aggressively, verbally-abused by a poorly-trained CM with ridiculous lines like, “that’s dangerous! There’s a river boat coming!” and “please put your pants back on, sir!” (how else does one swim?), “please, think of the children!” and “why me?!” Needless to say, I held Iger accountable for this during a shareholder address.

GhostHost100025 days ago

Yes totally agree. Nice little area there. Wish it wasn’t such a hassle to get over there but that is a nice quiet spot by the water

ToTBellHop25 days ago

I wish they’d reopen Polly’s, even just with snacks. I’d gladly enjoy a Premium Bar there.

GhostHost100025 days ago

Now that I agree with. The quiet part anyways. Some nice relaxing areas over there

ToTBellHop25 days ago

They have room for 7 new lands, apparently. Leave my island alone. I love that it’s a reliably quiet break even on the busiest Magic Kingdom day.

Ayla25 days ago

ToTBellHop25 days ago

Sibling? You mean son’s feet, right?