Tom Sawyer Island closing for near 2 month refurbishment

Oct 09, 2018 in "Tom Sawyer Island"

Posted: Tuesday October 9, 2018 8:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom will be closing for refurbishment next week.

The closure will begin on October 14 2018 through to December 21, reopening to guests on December 22 2018.

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TrainsOfDisneyAug 23, 2019

I visited the island in April or May of this year and I thought it was looking pretty good. Both mills operating, AA’s operating, etc. had a really friendly raft operator too who genuinely wanted people to enjoy the island.

StarshipDisneyAug 22, 2019

Not sure I understand your point. Yes, they did it for a long time, but that is still why I understand they got fed up and will not reopen Aunt Polly's year round anymore. During our trips in 2007, 2010, 2016, and 2018, never once has Aunt Polly's been open when we went to Tom Sawyer Island. Just opening it "once in awhile" the way they are doing now, to me anyway, is not indicative of a money making, no trouble establishment. I wish I would see it open on my next trip...but I am not counting on it.

Beacon JoeAug 21, 2019

What's that?

disneyC97Aug 21, 2019

It was the highlight of a family vacation in July and I brought my niece and nephews (11, 9, and 7) for the first time (and their parents for the first time since childhood). We planned to go back later in the vacation but rain/thunderstorms closed it. The only thing not working was the wheel on the mill (and of course Aunt Polly's was closed).

disneyC97Aug 21, 2019

Yet they did just that for over two decades (if not more)...

Capsin4Aug 21, 2019

They need a Tom Sawyer raft ride complete with rapids and caves.

MotherOfBirdsAug 21, 2019

We already have enough of those at Wekiva.

ImperfectPixieAug 21, 2019

I heard they do not - because jack-k.n.o.b.s. were stealing the paintbrushes.

GON2WDWAug 21, 2019

I haven't seen a paint brush since 1989, then you could get a fast pass for returning it. Does any one know if they still do that?

PhicinfanOct 11, 2018

Actually the monorail is being used, when they have big events at the connected event center, they have folks park in the back and monorail into the event center. IT is actually pretty cool. there supposedly are still plans to add a bed and breakfast and complete the monorail loop, but that has all been delayed.

geekzaOct 11, 2018

Kings Island had a monorail, too. Some of the track and vehicles were bought by a local Cincinnati businessman who intended to set it back up to encircle his gigantic grocery store, Jungle Jim's. Sadly, that never came to pass, though one of the monorail vehicles is still on display outside of the building. If you ever get the chance, Jungle Jim's is an incredible store. It's crazy huge and has literally every kind of food you can imagine brought in from all over the world.

BocabearOct 11, 2018

the large waterway and lagoon have mostly been filled in...The Vortex and Nighthawk were in the lagoon, the Goldrusher used to sit next to and over the water... The waterway extended over to where Kiddyhawk currently sits...There were waterways that connected with another series of ponds over by the Carolina Harbor area which back then was completely different... It is a shame they removed all the added a lot...not it looks more like a carnival. The park used to also be surrounded by a train and had a monorail...just like Disneyland.

WondersOfLifeOct 11, 2018

What is in the place now? (I live like an hour and a half from Carowinds. Used to get annual passes all the time through high school till I got bored!)

"El Gran Magnifico"Oct 10, 2018

Any chance of a walkway to the back of the island from HM? -- to maybe a nice little goulish sit down restaurant and possibly a Skellington ride? Or maybe another walkway to a haunted resort - with it's main entrance being along Floridian Way? Talk about immersive possibilities and a fortune per night.