The Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour now available at the Magic Kingdom

Feb 03, 2017 in "The Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour"

The Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour

The Magic Kingdom has introduced a new way to experience 10 of the park's top attractions -The Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour.

Costing $199 plus tax, the four hour tour takes you on some of the park's most popular rides, including Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, “it’s a small world”, and Peter Pan’s Flight. There is also a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse.

Don't expect any thrills though, as the tour is designed not to have any height restrictions. A stop at a restaurant isn't included, but a classic Disney treat is included on the way.

Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour takes place on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, and can be booked on 407-560-4033. Theme park admission is required and is not included with the tour.

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Article Posted: Feb 03, 2017 / 9:57am EST
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ford91exploderFeb 07, 2017

No no they don't, They will never have your favorite character tap you on the shoulder as you walk down main street. Yes that was usually arranged by parents or significant other but it did not matter as YOU were the one being gifted with a magical moment, There are many pictures in the family albums along those lines and those moments were indeed MAGICAL in all senses of the word. Also in the more unstructured days there was a Meetup at EPCOT of a bunch of us on the board which must not be named, Disney got wind of it some how and sent one of Aurora's friends to pose with us another unstructured MAGICAL moment which expressed the best of Disney

rob0519Feb 06, 2017

As a long time WDW vacationer I miss those days as well. unfortunately, with the world wide Disney marketing machine running in overdrive and attendance far outpacing the capacity of the MK, this is the new reality. My family and I feel fortunate that we were able to enjoy the parks and resorts from 1996-2007 or so. Most first time visitors today have no idea how much more magical things used to be.

PB WatermelonFeb 06, 2017

The 4th of July is on a Tuesday this year...*might* be worth a $200 FP.

ford91exploderFeb 05, 2017

Agree but it makes me long for a time when a VIP guide was not needed for a great day at the MK if you had young children.

21stampsFeb 05, 2017

Yep. The removal of Animal Kingdom (from these others) makes it look that way to me. I guess we'll know shortly.

L.C. ClenchFeb 05, 2017

I suspect when Pandora opens the pay for play options are going to explode.

RobidaFlatsFeb 05, 2017

Shortening the offering by a couple hours, removing 2 other parks and removing a sit down lunch had better warrant a price reduction.

21stampsFeb 05, 2017

I personally would never pay for any "ride availability" in AK, even if it included a But, it seems like they may be gearing up for something. I'd love to see/ hear how the Ultimate Day of Thrills has been doing since the switch to Soarin', I'd think a lot of people would be upset about that. Totally guessing though.

SorcererMCFeb 05, 2017

RoL probably. (Hazarding a guess)

marni1971Feb 05, 2017

I do know the overall idea of raising extra money with all these.... upcharges... hasn't gone as well as those who proposed them hoped. Shall we say. Either they're rethinking and reforming or we're going to see a more cohesive collection of additional options.

SorcererMCFeb 05, 2017

Right - they're being used as a 'quick fix' for other problems (eg lack of new attractions/adding capacity and demand surplus). And they can say it's new and market it to get a bump in $/attendance.

21stampsFeb 05, 2017

I'm extremely curious to see what comes out. It seemed like the Fantasyland mornings sold out pretty often...I can't imagine them just abandoning a source of revenue. ETA- hopefully they're reducing the price across the board as they did with this revamped Families/Classics tour. Maybe surveys have provided feedback that people would rather spend less hours on a tour and buy their own meal

danlb_2000Feb 05, 2017

I was Googling VIP Tour the other day and I was surprised how many sites there are offering unofficial VIP tours of the parks.

marni1971Feb 05, 2017

That I don't know. But a wholesale overhaul of "tours" wouldn't surprise me.