VIDEO - The Tree of Life Awakens at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Apr 20, 2016 in "The Tree of Life"

The Tree of Life Awakens
Posted: Wednesday April 20, 2016 10:46pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Part of the new nighttime offerings at Disney's Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life takes on a whole new appearance after dark.

Debuting on memorial day weekend will be the Tree of Life Awakenings. Throughout the evening, the park's Tree of Life centerpiece will burst into life with colorful scenes through the magic of projection mapping technology.

Take a sneak peak as the Tree of Life Awakens in the video below.

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LAKid53Jun 01, 2017

I was referring to the market area in the Africa section, not the gorilla.... :rolleyes: However, yes, the killing of that beautiful animal was a tragedy...and totally unnecessary.

riorizJun 01, 2017

And they have to cost less than the fireworks

eggJun 01, 2017

This past Sunday marked exactly one year since the death of Harambe. I'm appalled at the lack of remembrance on here.

BaconJun 01, 2017

Too soon

StevekMay 29, 2017

I'm in the US as well. Weird.

MisterPenguinMay 29, 2017

Blocked for me in the US.

StevekMay 29, 2017

anyone else getting a block on this due to copyright issues?

mnelson3May 28, 2017

I may be wrong but I think the biggest issue they faced with the floating lanterns was the water current knocked them around to much and they couldn't control their direction along with the lotus and animal floats.

mickhyperionMay 28, 2017

It's curious that they can effortlessly control airborne drones, yet not floating lanterns.

mnelson3May 28, 2017

I did not take any unfortunately. They must have been just installed since I have not seen them before. Also the back of the ToL now has projections with random moving animals... but I don't think the actual shows are taking place on the back yet, if they will at all.

cjkeatingMay 28, 2017

Any pictures? I hadn't heard anything else about these.

mnelson3May 28, 2017

So does anyone know what's going on with the newly installed aerial tree "firefly" lighting around the park? The exit of Pandora (By FOTLK) had lasers shining up at some of the trees and the backside of the ToL they have both lasers and steady on yellowish lights in some of the trees.... It almost appears as they might not be fully finished installing them since it was only a few random trees?

Kman101May 26, 2017

I doubt we see it again (the drones), they gotta make everything all special for media days.

DABIGCHEEZMay 26, 2017

OK... not really needed though IMO.