PHOTOS - High reach crane working on Tree of Life during Tough to Be a Bug refurbishment

Jul 16, 2014 in "The Tree of Life"

Posted: Wednesday July 16, 2014 11:02am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

"It's Tough to be a Bug" is currently closed for refurbishment and it appears that the downtime of the queue is being used to also work on the Tree of Life.

A high reach crane is in position working on the upper areas of the structure. It isn't clear if this is work related to the structure itself, or installing upgrades for future nighttime shows at the park.

The area around the Tree of Life has been covered in safety netting since a part of a branch fell into the queue area in April 2012.

Click the gallery for photos of the work from this morning. Thanks to peter11435 for the photos.

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Nubs70Jul 19, 2014

Looks like a bucket lift not a crane.

Disneydreamer23Jul 16, 2014


Disneydreamer23Jul 16, 2014

Hopper def needed a refurb! Didn't see on the page, does it say a re opening date?

WDWDad13Jul 16, 2014

at least the green crane helps it not stick out as much. Something white or yellow would be bad

Castle Cake ApologistJul 16, 2014

*sigh* Can this thread please not become another "DAK is a half-day park" debate? It gets old. We get it, some people don't enjoy (or don't understand) the concept of the park and think all that matters is rides rides rides. That's fine. Peaceful and quiet trails with less people to navigate around is cool with me. It's good to see attention finally being given to the structural issues. Maybe now the trails can go back to the hidden gem they once were without those ridiculous nets mucking everything up.

JIMINYCRJul 16, 2014

And it's a GREEN crane too, to help blend in on our photo shots.:D

JediMasterMattJul 16, 2014

Fixed that statement for you. Crane near the ToL - sounds promising. Hopes raised that the nets will be able to come down; but, fully expecting to wake up tomorrow and read "Plexiglass dome installed under Tree of Life".

mikehJul 16, 2014

If they fix the film at the very least I would be happy. I like the show/experience, but the film was tough on the eyes!

PrincessNelly_NJJul 16, 2014

I mean it is barely even noticeable... Really I don't see a thing!:rolleyes:

Mike SJul 16, 2014

So they're finally addressing the issue after 2+ years. I guess later is better than never.

Marc GilJul 16, 2014

I'm glad they're refurbishing Tough to Be a Bug. It was looking a little rough the last time I visited earlier this month. The film desperately needs some restoration and a high definition scan. They also need to fix Hopper!

TheRabbitJul 16, 2014

What is the wait time for the new CRANE RIDE? lol

SagamoreBeachJul 16, 2014

One of my favorite things to do at Animal Kingdom. I NEVER miss it!