The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom to close this summer

Jan 23, 2020 in "The Pirates League"

The Pirates League overview
Posted: Thursday January 23, 2020 5:34pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Pirates League at the Magic Kingdom will be closing at the end of July 26 2020.

Located near to Pirates of the Caribbean, the "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique" type experience opened in summer 2009, and offers a variety of pirate transformation packages. Pricing ranges from $18.95 to $44.95.

No word yet on what the replacement will be, but there are future plans for the space.

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A Noble FishFeb 12, 2020

I appreciate your insight. I'm just happy that the parks feel fresh after a lack of additions over decades. HWS is actually a great park now, so is Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT should be solid (albeit not EPCOT), and finally, Magic Kingdom will be much better with TRON. Even if creativity goes up post-upcharges, I feel Epic Universe and Nintendo are what will get them to pump investment in the parks come 2023. That being said, hopefully, the upcharges don't impede much more over guests. I can live with a dessert party, and I can live with more alcohol, but paid Fastpass+ opens up a can of worms that MAXPass didn't really touch with. Hopefully, it will work out for guests and shareholders alike!

kpilcherFeb 02, 2020

I never said the gloom wasn’t warranted.

The Visionary SoulFeb 02, 2020

Thanks, sorry for all the doom and gloom. I’ve been looking at too much coronavirus coverage.

kpilcherFeb 02, 2020

While a bit of a gloomy outlook-- good to see you. Your perspective has been missed.

The Visionary SoulFeb 01, 2020

Are you that naive to believe that it's going to stay that way? If so, I have a giant golf ball I'd like to sell you. No, Disney's leadership wants booze in as many places as possible, they just know you have to introduce it slowly and carefully in places like Disneyland and Magic Kingdom, which were previously dry. The other parks are getting even more booze. At Epcot the centerpiece of what used to be Future World is going to be a giant two story building hovering above the walkways with a big biergarten on the roof (sure, its a "Festival Headquarters"). The leadership also wants a lot of other things... but I'd probably get shunned if I started blabbing about them on here. Just assume that they want the revenue from alcohol. And paid FastPass. And paid upgrades. Basically, if it can be monetized, it will. Once they monetize everything they can then you'll start seeing more creativity again.

ELG13Feb 01, 2020

Absolutely!!! How fun! I may have to sign her up for our May trip since it will be the last time she will be able to. I can't help but wonder why they are getting rid of it. It's always very busy and seems like such a great option.

RememberWhenFeb 01, 2020

We actually just booked it for our DS8 and DD3 for July. We’re going on a cruise the next day, so we can reuse any accessories then! The kids are fairly excited.

ELG13Jan 31, 2020

Oh my goodness, YES! When we looked into BBB for our first trip with our daughter I could not believe the price tag! And she's not a princess kind of girl but it looked fun so I considered it. Luckily enough they were totally booked for the date and times that worked and they mentioned pirates league to me. It was the most fun experience!! My daughter really enjoyed it. And has done it every trip since. I don't mind the $80 price tag considering what she got are things she actually re wore.

ELG13Jan 31, 2020

My daughter has done the mermaid make over every year since she was 4. It really is a whole experience! The inside of the space feels like the underbelly of an old pirate ship. All the the cast members do an excellent job staying in character, especially the main pirate who just didn't have time for anyone's crap 😂 it was a blast for my daughter and so much fun to watch. I'm sad to see it go. She's older now and this is actually the first year she hasn't asked to do it when we've mentioned our upcoming trip but it really is a blast .

Hank HillJan 29, 2020

$12-$18 for waterdowned drinks is pretty fudiciarily responsible to the shareholders.... to the guests, not so much. Drink prices are extremely obnoxious at WDW.

lazyboy97oJan 29, 2020

Disney is a business. They have to sell booze on every corner otherwise they’re not exercising their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders.

Jon81ukJan 29, 2020

The first post I replied to mentioned Disneyland, the only place you can get alcohol in Disneyland (other than Club 33) is Galaxy's Edge.

ImperfectPixieJan 29, 2020

It's not that they can't go a's that many feel they shouldn't have to. I'm not a huge drinker, but when we were at Canobie Lake Park's new water park area this past summer I got an adult beverage. You can bet your butt that I was super pissed that I couldn't leave that area with it to spend money at a different food location within the same park. My choices were: drink it way too fast and suffer the consequences, or throw it out. ETA: Are you talking all the parks or just MK? Because you mentioned Galaxy's Edge in your first comment.

Jon81ukJan 29, 2020

I don't think its a huge issue if fewer people visit Magic Kingdom! Have you seen how busy the park is ;-) If those guests can't go a day without an alcoholic drink then maybe it isn't the right place to visit for that person in general.