LIVE VIDEO - NBA Experience Grand Opening at Disney Springs

Aug 12, 2019 in "The NBA Experience"

Posted: Monday August 12, 2019 9:22am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The NBA Experience officially opens today on the West Side at Disney Springs with a grand opening ceremony featuring NBA players and Disney stars.

Join the live stream below at 9:25am to see the grand opening event.

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Jon81uk30 days ago

Charging using the bad wasn’t that different compared to charging using the Key to the World card really. Just a different device to tap/swipe.

Hawkeye_201831 days ago

Covid. Also, once opened the word quickly got out that this place was way overpriced for the experience

vikescaper31 days ago

Coming soon to the former NBA Experience, Disney Genie+ Experience.

HeppenheimerAug 20, 2021

I love that the photo shows the building appropriately empty.

John park hopperAug 20, 2021

So. where are all the original posters when this was announced saying the NBA experience was going to be a big success ----what happened

insert name hereAug 20, 2021

How long was this actually open? Less than a year?

UNCgolfAug 20, 2021

It's at Disney Springs; they can get rent money for it. They'll find someone to use that building ASAP! It's not like it's in one of the theme parks where abandoning attraction/retail/dining space for years is no big deal.

MisterPenguinAug 20, 2021

They're adding a bunch of Roomba ports to keep the shuttered building clean over the next decade.

DCBakerAug 20, 2021

LilofanAug 18, 2021

I remember back in the day that the phone booth outside was very popular . When the beepers we were going off, it was the closest phone to answer a page. Bring lots of quarters.

cranbizAug 18, 2021

I know exactly whats replacing the NBA Experience. I'm surprised it's stayed quiet this long. Wait for it.

cranbizAug 18, 2021

Or riding on my bus at 0200.

bpiperAug 18, 2021

I believe it and the hotel behind it are safe from the demolition.

LilofanAug 18, 2021

Good bye waffle House