LIVE VIDEO - NBA Experience Grand Opening at Disney Springs

Aug 12, 2019 in "The NBA Experience"

Posted: Monday August 12, 2019 9:22am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The NBA Experience officially opens today on the West Side at Disney Springs with a grand opening ceremony featuring NBA players and Disney stars.

Join the live stream below at 9:25am to see the grand opening event.

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TikibirdLand11 days ago

Oh, I thought that photo was from the interior of the Halycion. My bad.

*Grand Admiral Thrawn*11 days ago

Just make it into a interactive Walt Disney museum. Plus it could have exhibits based on the company and on old park rides as well.

GimpYancIent11 days ago

To be honest unless it is turned into some kind of immersive IP experience, not long.

John park hopper11 days ago

How long do you think it would last as a super value resort ?

GimpYancIent12 days ago

Wow! You may have stimulated the Disney powers that be into imaginEaring a super value resort concept. Show care what you may start!

Lilofan12 days ago

Better make that extra large sleeping pods. The ones in Japan would not fit a number of body types if it was built in our country.

John park hopper12 days ago

Convert into Japanese style sleep pods for a truly value resort vacation. The current value resorts are anything but value these days touch of sarcasm

Hakunamatata12 days ago

Like a churro stand.

LSLS13 days ago

It'd be a great place for a big interactive arcade.

GimpYancIent13 days ago

I hope it is quietly covered in scrim and the space repurposed to something worthwhile.

Hakunamatata13 days ago

With the way their ratings have gone they may just put up a churro stand.

Cmdr_Crimson13 days ago

So has their been any news of the fate of the NoBody Around Experience?

NunuJan 27, 2020

Rest in peace NBA's legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. Here's hoping NBA at DS puts up a tribute of some kind, celebrating Kobe's life and achievements.

ZachPLJan 07, 2020

I feel like disney should have tried a little harder with some of the games, I mean look at this, this looks fun