The Magic Carpets of Aladdin closing for refurbishment next month

Dec 29, 2015 in "The Magic Carpets of Aladdin"

Posted: Tuesday December 29, 2015 9:40am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin at the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to be closed for refurbishment early in the new year.

The closure begins on January 25 through to February 3, reopening to guests on February 4 2016.

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OliveMcFlyFeb 09, 2016


RSoxNo1Feb 07, 2016

I sincerely hope this is a joke.

RSoxNo1Feb 07, 2016

I can only assume they are putting up the scrims to show newborn animals where the boundaries are.

JoeCamelFeb 06, 2016

If they will move/bypass the tracks for other attractions then it certainly could have been done for this. No reason to put a spinner smak dab in the middle unless they were trying to stick one in on the cheap. Been backstage and in front, there was plenty of room but walk back and forth though this area several times a day and you will feel how out of place it is.

Christian FronckowiakFeb 06, 2016

IIRC, there is one between Swiss Family and the Crystal Palace as well as another beyond the Jungle Cruise and Pirates that would have an Indiana Jones length-esque queue needed to get you there.

discosFeb 06, 2016

Do you know where they are? Or does anyone else know where the Adventureland expansion pads are?

Marc Davis FanFeb 06, 2016

I think Magic Carpets changed the experience of Adventureland from being an immersive environment to being an amusement park area. Now you're not in a remote jungle, you're in an amusement park. I think it's partially (though obviously not quite) as problematic as having a spinner in Harambe or Serka Zong (which would ruin the experience of those areas). Why does MK have lower thematic standards? I understand Fantasyland and Tomorrowland having non-immersive rides, as they're based on abstract themes rather than imitating real places. But for Adventureland, just like Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Main Street, shouldn't MK have just as high standards as the other parks, especially considering that it's many people's first experience of a Disney park? Regular guests may not complain about it explicitly, but I think it likely detracts from their experience and overall understanding of what a Disney park is supposed to be and what makes a Disney park different/special.

djlaoscFeb 05, 2016

There are two expansion pads available in Adventureland according to people on here.

Horizons1Feb 05, 2016

Meant to say it doesn't contain a marketable IP. I could edit my original post, but instead I'm going to let my perfection shine.

BoarderPhreakFeb 05, 2016

Say what?

DrummerAllyFeb 05, 2016

I get that. Sounds like you're there much more than I am, I've never seen a huge bottleneck here which is why it doesn't seem like that big of an issue. While I went to the MK before this ride was there I don't have a clear memory of the land without it so I'm so not upset with the aesthetics. I'm an advocate for it in adventure land because I think the third spinner is needed in MK for the families with little ones and this spreads them out evenly in the park. Aside from replacing something existing, there doesn't seem to be another location. I would buy an argument that it doesn't fit too well thematically in between the jungle cruise and pirates of the caribbean but I can let that go for the sake of my 4 year old who only cares about princess Jasmine.

JoeCamelFeb 04, 2016

Is that what you meant to say? What ?

Horizons1Feb 04, 2016

Sunshine Pavilion does contain a marketable IP. So it doesn't matter.

MickeyWikiFeb 04, 2016

My problem hasn't been the bottlenecks, but the way it massacred Adventureland's aesthetics. It really eclipses the Sunshine Pavilion.