Inside Disney's New Theatrical Take on The Little Mermaid Coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Posted: Monday June 10, 2024 12:21pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has shared more information today as it prepares to debut an all-new theatrical production, "The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure," this fall at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The new production will feature entirely new physical sets, a cast of puppets, live performers, and striking visuals. Sarah Schmidt, Creative Concept Artist & Illustrator for Disney Live Entertainment, shared insights into the creative process: "We thought about what Ariel's room may look like and came up with this collage style that you'll see woven throughout the production. This new look really informed every design decision – from scenic, to the puppets, even the custom digital content being created for the show."

To create this artful blend of practical and projected scenic design, the team is integrating traditional methods like blacklight puppetry with state-of-the-art technology. Show Director James Silson explained the innovative approach: "We're using some really cutting-edge tools like motion capture technology, which you may have seen used in blockbuster films. Basically, we have a live performer in a suit covered in sensors, and the data captured from their performance helps us create a digital animation of the character, which our animators then use to bring them to life on stage."

This advanced digital imagery will enhance the show, bringing characters such as King Triton, Ursula, and Ariel's sisters to life. The production will kick off with an all-new "Daughters of Triton" number, showcasing the integration of digital and physical elements. "We're really blending the line between real and digital in ways we've never done before to completely fill the stage for these show-stopping scenes," Silson added. "You're going to see these large new physical set pieces we've created blend seamlessly with a digital environment in a way that really fills the stage. You'll see digital puppets transform into real ones right before your eyes. You'll even see animated characters performing in the same space as real actors. It's going to feel like magic!"

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wedenterprises7 days ago

Very very excited for this, but I also fully agree about the overuse of "adventure."

ToTBellHop8 days ago

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EagleScout6108 days ago

Someone needs to buy Bob a Thesaurus because there's other words than Adventure out there

Surferboy5678 days ago

WDWhopper8 days ago

Announced for the Fall. Let’s hope that’s not a Freudian Slip….

Epcot82Guy8 days ago

I said the same thing almost verbatim while looking through all this.

ToTBellHop8 days ago

Sounds like a legitimate upgrade thus far. It all comes down to execution, though.

Rteetz8 days ago

DCBaker8 days ago

New concept art shown at the media event today:

ToTBellHop10 days ago

Haven’t heard anything about the current state of the theater. Surely, renovations are complete and they’re in rehearsals.

bmr159110 days ago

They’ve only said Fall.

Sirwalterraleigh11 days ago

We had a whole thread going over the numbers last year…guess who lost? It was a hoot.🦉

eddie10411 days ago


Sirwalterraleigh11 days ago

Anything is better… Though the grand franchise relaunch of mermaid was “less than astounding”