Disney begins casting performers for the new Little Mermaid show coming to Walt Disney World

15 days ago in "The Little Mermaid - A Musical Adventure"

Posted: Monday February 5, 2024 1:20pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has posted audition notices for vocalists, actors, and puppeteers to perform at 'The Little Mermaid - A Musical Adventure' coming later this year to Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.

Among the roles being cast are Ariel and Prince Eric, with Ariel required to be a lyrical pop soprano with belt to C.

Disney recently announced that 'The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure,' will be a fully reimagined theatrical production inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios classic "The Little Mermaid," and will debut in the newly refreshed Animation Courtyard theater in fall 2024 at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Disney says that when it opens, the show will feature stunning new set pieces, cutting-edge effects, and a bold new design that captures Ariel's imagination and emotions through her unique view of the world around her.

'The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure' will include musical numbers inspired by the film including "Part of Your World," "Poor Unfortunate Souls," and more.

The new show will replace the original Voyage of the Little Mermaid, which debuted on January 7, 1992, had its final performance in 2020 and did not reopen from the pandemic shutdown of Walt Disney World.

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pdude8114 days ago

Next time try standing up and exclaiming "I want to dip my...." Nevermind, that's RNRC.

gerarar14 days ago

IG account @officialdisneyauditions posted some new concept art for the puppeteer casting call.

Magicart8715 days ago

I've long theorized that this CM position would be more fun with a taser.

TrainsOfDisney15 days ago

I have. It was a 4th of July and one of the Main Street ops guys was yelling prison guard style that everyone must remain inside the tape for the duration of the show and then must exit through the walkway behind. It was actually soooo intense I found it comical. I figured it was his first and last shift working in that role haha.

Weather_Lady15 days ago

Methinks you weren't there. Aberrations happen. This was one. Your experiences do not define the outer reaches of human possibility.

Weather_Lady15 days ago

Why not? It's not like we get many Disney do-overs.

lewisc15 days ago

Casting Notices for previous Disney shows gave rehearsal dates as well as the projected show opening date

TrainsOfDisney15 days ago

Theatre shows are often tricky though. I used to visit Frozen sing along a lot to see Equity Ben back in the day and multiple CM’s told me to just walk around the back and sit on the left side if I wanted to. Then on a random day, I was scolded for not following CM directions. It was really bizarre cause like I was going to end up taking a seat in the theatre either way, what difference did it make to her where I sat? A show like the little mermaid should really load guests to slightly off center, fill in the rows, and then allow guests to go around the back and fill in from the other side. That way guests get the best available seats on a first come basis.

Bill Cipher15 days ago

Not to continue to derail, but cast members are indeed allowed to yell under specific circumstances. Many attractions have specific guidelines on what predetermined spiels can be said over PA systems, and addressing a specific guest or party to follow directions with a PA is almost always an instant violation in non-emergency situations. In theatre shows this often manifests as the, "move all the way down," but you'll often see it on flat rides for a, "remain seated." Raising your voice is required to be heard over a noisy environment or ride system. Point being, there is a distinct difference between yelling for safety/efficiency and yelling rudely.

Lirael15 days ago

Times like this its good to look like a foreigner. I make a completely blank "no hablo english. Is this Hagrids?" face at the CMs and remain in place until guests actually shows up at my row and there's no space, at which point I'll obviously move as much as needed

ParentsOf415 days ago

I’ve been going to WDW for 40 years. During Covid, I was diligently wearing my mask both indoors and outdoors. I was at the Germany Pavilion and got a beer at the outdoor kiosk near the lake. I walked to a park bench, sat down, and then, as allowed, took off my mask to sip my beer. I spilled a bit and stood up to get a napkin. As I reached down to grab my mask, I was screamed at by a Cast Member to sit down immediately or she was going to contact security. And I do mean screamed at the top of her lungs. As she screamed, I could see small droplets of spittle flying out from the edges of her mask. Mind you, she was about 20 feet away and the nearest person to me. This was outdoors and the next closest person besides her was perhaps double that distance away. We all were a bit more stressed back then.

ToTBellHop15 days ago

My view was better than everyone else’s. They kept saying nonsense like, “sir, there are children!” and “why me?!” which made it very hard to hear the singing dolls. I demanded a re-ride.

plutofan1515 days ago

Agree 100%! Did you at least have a good seat on the boat?

ToTBellHop15 days ago

I was yelled at to put my pants back on once. So rude. I should be allowed to get comfortable on “it’s a small world”.