PHOTOS - Spires return to The Great Movie Ride's Chinese Theatre

Aug 21, 2015 in "The Great Movie Ride"

Spires return to The Chinese Theatre
Posted: Friday August 21, 2015 10:39am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The long-missing spires have returned to The Great Movie Ride's Chinese Theatre at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

All four are now in place, although finishing work is still to be done now they are in position.

The Great Movie Ride is still in the process of receiving a number of updates since the removal of the Sorcerer Hat and the introduction of various TCM updates to the show.

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Mouse_TrapAug 25, 2015

Inevitable really when you take a place that millions of people love and put it in an extended period of managed decline and fail to add any decent rides for 15 years*. (*That's the opening of EE in 2005 to the opening of the Star Wars E-ticket - unlikely before 2020).

dstrawn9889Aug 24, 2015

ys the stars went away during demo, but to protect them from damage, and were re-installed just as the final cleanup was being done

MansionButler84Aug 23, 2015

The stars themselves were. You could see pipes coming out of the ground with the wiring intact, but the stars were missing. They removed an enormous hat and all its wiring. Removing the stars would have been trivial.

Sage of TimeAug 23, 2015

I don't think they were ever removed.

MansionButler84Aug 23, 2015

Or because someone likes how they look. Imagine, glowing stars in a park themed to Hollywood. They also serve as a backdrop for the character M&Gs there. Otherwise, it'd be trees in the background and no one wants that picture. What would you prefer between stars and animated backdrops like they have elsewhere? It was a conscious decision to keep them, not laziness. They were removed during the Hat's demo then put back.

Sage of TimeAug 23, 2015

Because one hand doesn't know what the other 398457 are doing, especially in WDW.

JustInTimeAug 23, 2015

So why are the plastics stars from around the hat still there??

Sage of TimeAug 23, 2015

Sorry that I missed this thread when running over to the BAH thread and putting up the photos there, @marni1971. So much good news. Theater looks great.

Miss HeinousAug 23, 2015

I believe about 14 years...

nelsonj3Aug 23, 2015

I'm so ashamed that I didn't even notice they were gone. I usually notice things like that. How long were they gone?

roj2323Aug 22, 2015

It would certainly help with guest flow at the end of the night.

note2001Aug 22, 2015

THIS, YES! ... may I add... and restore the smooth fountain surface and cascade of water from the edges, that was broken up by adhering bricks to it. Yes, yes, please yes.

roj2323Aug 22, 2015

Really! I am looking forward to Coolest summer ever Ending for this reason alone. It would have been nice if they had given us at least a week before they put the stage up. anyway the event ends soon (sept 7th) so hopefully we will get some time without the stage in a few weeks.

DisneyGentlemanAug 22, 2015

And getting rid of the granite mausoleum effect too! Bring back the flower gardens!