American Idol set to have daily shows

Dec 07, 2008 in "The American Idol Experience"

Posted: Sunday December 7, 2008 by WDWMAGIC Staff
According to a recent Disney press release, the new American Idol show will have several daily shows. Previous speculation indicated the show would only be open two days per week.

Here is the full release:

“The American Idol Experience” (coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2009) Starry-eyed Disney guests will get a taste of TV’s pop culture phenomenon – up close and personal – by experiencing the challenge of auditioning, the rush of performing on stage in competition or the thrill of judging the performances in a live interactive setting modeled after the “American Idol” set. There will be several show times daily. Guests advancing through the screening process have the chance, in the nightly final competition, to win a guaranteed reservation for a regional audition for the “American Idol” TV show.

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