The American Idol Experience to permanently close at the end of August

Aug 15, 2014 in "The American Idol Experience"

Posted: Friday August 15, 2014 11:29am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The American Idol Experience closure has been brought forward from January 2015 to the end of this month.

The final show will take place on August 30 2014. Disney has not yet announced any plans for the theater, although there is speculation that a temporary show, such as the Frozen sing-along, may be staged until further plans the space are developed.

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disneygeek90May 09, 2017

As a side note, the commissary is quite possibly the only QS location I have never eaten at in WDW. It never really sounded all that good or interesting, and being a vegetarian for the past 7 years, they've never had much for me, anyway.

Ryan H. SerowinskiMay 09, 2017

Nice try, Disney doesn't consider doing it now(or ever!), but they could had increase the number of attractions in the past.

GrumpyFanMay 09, 2017

It's not a bad idea, but I kinda doubt the Imagineers are going to look at this "renewal" anytime in the near future. They already have a full plate with everything else they're doing. However, it doesn't mean that Park ops and marketing might not try and host an audition event or two during the season to boost ratings and draw some extra people to the park.

Cmdr_CrimsonMay 09, 2017

Not as bad as the food.....

elchippoMay 09, 2017

I predict Sunset Showcase will host an el cheapo "American Idol" Karaoke Party...putting it there also places all the "music" attractions in the same area with RnRC close'll be a joke of an "attraction" but will allow them to up the number of "attractions" in the park.

AndyS2992May 09, 2017

I thought it was quite funny :oops:

Cmdr_CrimsonMay 09, 2017

Yeeahh around late 07-08 was when they did this......Very unsettling...o_O

rael ramoneMay 09, 2017

I saw a Seeking Alpha article suggesting that Ryan Seacrest joining Kelly Ripa is very much connected to Idol going to ABC. The article was from yesterday, when ABC/Idol wasn't a done deal yet. A pronounced negative about the Studios in the relatively recent history is the garish promotion of ABC product around the studio. Mostly with tacky billboards, but in the recent past is was in other ways as well (they actually called a meal at the ABC Commissary the 'McSteamy'. :eek: ) I wonder if the changes to the studios will remove this stuff. If not, you can count on an American Idol billboard somewhere. (Ads in the Magical Motorcoaches are a given). But as far as American Idol 'content' being in the parks, my non-insider Spidey Sense says a repeat of the AIE won't happen, but they might try to do 'something' themed to it, and it won't necessarily be in the park that will cease to be called the Studios... meaning they could find a much worse place to add it...

Chef MickeyMay 09, 2017


Ryan H. SerowinskiMay 09, 2017

Not happening despite its revial, I rather see the Frozen Sing Along stay in the theater where it played, than bringing back an infamous stage show based off a TV show that came back from cancellation(to another network, which is ABC, a Disney owned company)

disneygeek90May 09, 2017

Maybe in the last one or two years, but in the earlier years I remember sign ups and registrations actually going very quick. The "audition" process wasn't as simple as it seemed. My mom made it on the show once and I was able to go backstage with her for tryouts. She went through at least 2 (I think maybe 3?) auditions in front of different judges, including background music and non, had headphones to listen to the song to practice beforehand etc. Very immersive. With that said, it was fun while it lasted but it definitely ran it's course.

Biff215May 09, 2017

I highly doubt Disney would go back to this. As others have pointed out, they had lots of issues with the show during its previous run. Plus the park is clearly moving in another direction. I'm surprised ABC is picking this back up. I'll admit I watched quite a few seasons of AI, but it definitely lost something in the final seasons. Perhaps it just ran its course, but it also became quite expensive to keep the celebrity host and judges around. I expected a Netflix or Amazon reboot honestly, but I guess ABC really wants something like the Voice and this is easier than starting from scratch.

disney4life2008May 09, 2017

Gawd I hope not. We already had the AI Experience which was a dismal failure at Hollywood Studios. CMs practically begged people to sign up then beg for audience members. This is a horrible show that was great in the beginning when REAL TALENTED singers won; but when it came about the story and fan boys, the show went to the dumps. And please no Ryan Seacrest he is the worst. But knowing ABC Disney, they will gladly use up prime HS space to promote this garbage

KrazyKatMay 09, 2017