New exhibition coming to the American Heritage Gallery at Epcot this summer

Mar 27, 2018 in "The American Heritage Gallery"

Posted: Tuesday March 27, 2018 1:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

"Creating Tradition: Innovation and Change in American Indian Art" is a new exhibit coming to the American Heritage Gallery at Epcot.

Opening this summer, the gallery inside the American Adventure pavilion will be produced with the collaboration of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (MIAC) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) in Washington, D.C.

Some of the featured artists with works on display are fashion designer Loren Aragon (Acoma Pueblo), noted doll maker Glenda McKay (Ingalik-Athabascan), and Juanita Growing Thunder (Assiniboine Sioux) from the Growing Thunder family of Montana.

Similar to previous exhibit at the American Heritage Gallery, this new exhibition will feature interactive elements, where some of the artists will share the creative process and inspirations behind their works in their own words.

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aladdin2007Jul 29, 2018

I believe its a 5 year agreement with an off and on rotation of different/new items.

EricsBiscuitJul 29, 2018

Probably around well at least 2 years based off the last one

John park hopperJul 29, 2018

How long will this display be exhibited, hope it is still there May 2019 would be on my to do list

mikejs78Jul 29, 2018

I'm glad that, despite all the IP empahsis, that they still do things like this.

wdwdude1Jul 29, 2018

One of my "must do's" when I go to Epcot in a few weeks, along with sitting for endless hours listening to the music around Innoventions.

castlecake2.0Jul 29, 2018

I was inside the chateau a few years ago and its beautiful inside. Just clean it up, hang up some artwork, and throw open the doors!

EricsBiscuitJul 29, 2018

So much wasted potential there

castlecake2.0Jul 28, 2018

Looks good! I wish they would do something like this in the empty buildings in the Canada pavilion

wdwgreekJul 28, 2018

Really wonderful exhibit saw it yesterday, only spent 10 minutes in there I could easily spent another 20.

I am TimmyJul 28, 2018

I cannot wait to see this! It sounds amazing, Native American art is among my favorite. I have a few pieces in my home that I treasure. Will be so interesting to learn the history and see so many examples from such a large number of tribes!

wdwmagicJul 27, 2018

'Creating Tradition: Innovation and Change in American Indian Art' exhibit now open in Epcot's American Adventure pavilion

ABQMar 28, 2018

Nice, I can say from having been there a number of times, some of the works at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture are stunning. Good to see them being placed on display at Epcot.

RSoxNo1Mar 28, 2018

Always nice to see these exhibits refreshed.

No NameMar 27, 2018

This is great!