EPCOT's Test Track experiences a second day of downtime

8 days ago in "Test Track"

Test Track closure September 21 2022
Posted: Thursday September 22, 2022 9:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Test Track at EPCOT is closed at park opening for a second consecutive day.

Yesterday, the ride did not open with the park, and returned to operation at around 6pm. However, it appears that the technical issues are continuing today, with the ride currently closed.

Test Track experienced a similar pattern of lengthy daily closures in February 2022, with more than two weeks of limited operation. Test Track was opening with the park during that time, but closing around 6:30pm.

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Lilofan4 days ago

When the rains and upcoming hurricane comes mid week, TT won't be running due to weather .

erasure fan15 days ago

Test track is down? In the words of Iago, I think I'm going to have heart attack and die from that surprise.

Goofyernmost5 days ago

Not Test Track, but there are many attractions that are 40 to 50 years old. Trust me when I say that everything that reaches that age starts to break down frequently.

Rambozo5 days ago

It seems like everything is breaking down more. I think it's because Disney is cheap and they don't want to maintenance things right anymore.

bhg4696 days ago

Because it's not going to ever happen?! :)

Clowd Nyne6 days ago

I’ve heard of a land beyond Thunder Mountain but we don’t talk about it. No no no

Goofyernmost7 days ago

"Fast Track" is always open. The problem is that it is almost impossible to find. Many people talk about it, so it must be there someplace. Maybe it's behind Thunder Mountain.

Model3 McQueen8 days ago

Definitely. Though to that point, I think it's better to have preventative maintenance on a schedule (shared on a refurb calendar) over randomly unexpected downtime.

JTH7818 days ago

Down a second day that is to bad.

Ayla8 days ago

I hope it stays open for guests.

DCBaker8 days ago

MDE began showing wait times for Test Track around 10:30am.

bhg4698 days ago

But what about the status of "Fast Track"?? I heard some guests talking about that, it sounds fun!

jeanericuser0018 days ago

ooo ah ah ah Test track is down for some fixes. Test track is down for some fixes. Test track is down for some fixes. It is close and wont open today.

wdwmagic8 days ago

Test Track has not opened again this morning