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Disney World's Test Track main entrance canopy ripped off by Hurricane Ian
2 years ago

EPCOT's Test Track experiences a second day of downtime
2 years ago

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Test Track closed for refurbishment Jan 13, 2020 to Feb 26, 2020

Test Track closed for refurbishment Apr 16, 2012 to Dec 05, 2012

Test Track closed for refurbishment Jan 11, 2010 to Jan 17, 2010


Test Track, one of the most complex ride ever built by Walt Disney Imagineering is a high speed ride through a vehicle testing facility, located in Epcot's Future World.

2012 Refurbishment - NEW Test Track Presented by Chevrolet

A major refurbishment of Test Track began on April 16 2012 to re-Imagine Test Track into "Test Track Presented by Chevrolet". The ride system and track will remain the same, but will feature new story, new queue, and new show scenes. Test Track is expected to reopen on December 1 2012.

Concept Art

Unofficially released art depicting show scene

Construction Photos

New Test Track photo gallery

Press Releease

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla., Jan. 6, 2012 – Disney and General Motors have renewed their long-term business relationship with a new multi-year corporate alliance.

As part of the new alliance, GM will be actively involved with Walt Disney Imagineering in the development of a re-imagined, design-centric Test Track experience. The refurbished Test Track will be presented by one of GM’s most famous brands, Chevrolet. As Chevrolet marks its 100th anniversary, the new alliance agreement enables General Motors to tell its story in new and exciting ways to millions of Guests from around the world and continue as the official vehicle sponsor of Walt Disney World Resort.

“We are excited to renew our long-term alliance with General Motors,” said George Aguel, Senior Vice President, Corporate Alliances for the Walt Disney Company. “This unique agreement extends collaboration between two of the most recognized brands in the world, a relationship that spans over 30 years. The re-imagined Test Track Presented by Chevrolet will continue our shared goal of providing unique and innovative experiences that engage Disney guests in exciting and interactive ways.” ”

“As a global brand, Chevrolet is looking forward to welcoming Guests from around the world to the re-imagined Test Track,” said Joel Ewanick, Global Chief Marketing Officer for General Motors. “The best of Disney and the best of Chevrolet will come together to bring Guests an immersive experience in the design process of the vehicles they see on the road today and will see in the future.”

Plans call for closing the current GM Test Track in April 2012, with an anticipated opening of Test Track Presented by Chevrolet scheduled for fall 2012.

As part of the re-imagining, the Future World attraction will feature a sleek new “Chevrolet Design Center at Epcot” immersing Guests in the fascinating world of automotive design. Amid upbeat music, engaging media, dramatic lighting and a collection of Chevrolet concept cars and model vehicles, guests themselves will become automotive designers – and peer into the future of personal transportation in the process.

At interactive design and styling workstations, Guests will be able to create their own custom concept vehicles. The adventure will then shift into high gear as Guests buckle into their 6-person “SimCar” ride vehicle and put their design through its paces on the exhilarating hills, switchbacks and straight-aways of the Test Track circuit.

Their performance testing complete, Guests will move into a post-show area filled with special effects and be scored on how well their custom concept vehicle did. And of course, Guests will be able see the very latest Chevrolet vehicles in an all-new state-of-the-art showroom.

Original Test Track


Height/Age Requirement: At least 40" tall

The eagerly anticipated Test Track is the first public-access automotive proving ground in the global network of General Motors vehicle testing facilities. From entry to exit, Walt Disney World guests engage in an experience vastly unknown to the general public -- the exhilaration of taking a test vehicle out on a variable speed, multi-surface and multi-environment test-track course.

Test Track Pre-Show
The aura of the proving ground begins to take shape in the Test Track pre-show -- an industrial looking testing laboratory filled with actual test equipment and vehicle components. The many reasons hundreds of tests are performed on GM cars and trucks are illustrated in the Quality Zone, highlighting GM automotive technology, and the Safety Zone, displaying GM safety innovations and practices. Simulations of tests include brake, wheel, suspension, airbag, seat belt and windshield tests.

Test Track -- The Automotive Adventure
Epcot guests reach the sanctum of the proving ground as they board a six-passenger Test Track vehicle. The longest and fastest Walt Disney World attraction engages Epcot guests in a rare sneak peek inside the long-restricted world of automobile testing. Passengers in each "test" vehicle experience a firsthand look at how GM cars and trucks are tested before being brought to market.

Hill Climb Test
The "test" schedule begins with a tire-squealing, engine-roaring, three-story ascent.

Suspension Test
Passengers descend to the second level over a series of harsh variable road surfaces.

Brake Test
Two passes through a circular set-up of traffic cones shows how a wildly-out-of-control skid can become a manageable steer with ABS brakes. Rolling to a stop, guests view an instant replay of themselves performing both tests from a bird's-eye view.

Environmental Chamber Test
Vehicles are exposed to extreme heat, bone-chilling cold and a "corrosive" mist sprayed by industrial robots in a series of enclosed environmental chambers.

Ride Handling Test
Exiting from the chambers, vehicles accelerate quickly up a switchback "mountain road" to a dark tunnel full of surprises.

Barrier Test
Guests feel what it's like to be a crash-test dummy during this attention-grabbing, high-speed sequence.

High-Speed Test
Outside the building, vehicles scream around a steeply-banked loop turning them back toward the 50-degree banked curve hugging the building's massive circumference. Heading back inside, each vehicle is tested on the thermal imager, a device allowing guests to see the areas of heat generated on the vehicle -- and guests -- during testing.

Test Track Post-Show
In the post-show, interactive demonstrations and GM vehicle design and production displays further explain the benefits of GM's vehicle-testing practices and its commitment to safety and quality. State-of-the-art interactive equipment allows guests to witness the benefits of GM's Smart Car Technology. A multimedia film takes guests through the steps of bringing a GM vehicle to market. The glitz of top national car shows entertains guests as featured GM vehicles are revealed in grand fashion. Plus, guests have the unique opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind automotive collectibles and merchandise at a specialty shop located within the post-show.

Test Track is definitely on the cutting edge of technology, said senior show director Orrin Shively of Walt Disney Imagineering, himself a former automotive designer.

"With its incredibly sophisticated indoor/outdoor ride system, we have introduced an exciting and dynamic attraction to Epcot." 

Height requirement: At least 40 inches tall.