Test Track to be reimagined with inspiration from the original World of Motion

Sep 09, 2023 in "Test Track"

New Test Track concept art
Posted: Saturday September 9, 2023 10:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that Imagineers, along with teams from Chevrolet are reaching back into history for inspiration – from the original World of Motion – and bringing that spirit of optimism to the next iteration of the Test Track attraction at EPCOT.

Details are scarce, but Disney has released a piece of concept art of the new experience. The look of the concept art suggests that Test Track may be moving into the EV era.

The current version of Test Track opened in December 2012, and as part of Chevrolet's sponsorship deal with Disney, the attraction is due for a refresh. No closing date or timeframe for the update has been announced.

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Moth2 hours ago

It's Fun to be insulated To be in the cold To walk around with ease Whenever you please to! Hm. Back to the drawing board.

aladdin20072 hours ago

we already have that ride, SE.

ToTBellHop3 hours ago

No and I also think we are kidding ourselves expecting a significant tribute to WoM. Maybe a 3 inch model of the dragon hidden in a bookshelf.

Sectorkeeper7111 hours ago

You don’t think 3.0 is gonna take us on a magical journey through the history of building insulation then? 😉

Sectorkeeper7111 hours ago

That tracks. My house is mid-60s and has a textured bathroom ceiling that (probably) has asbestos in it.

dreamfinding12 hours ago

This is great in theory until the app crashes (which it does a lot). The app can barely process G+ purchases some days, best not to integrate something like car design into an undependable app.

bwr82712 hours ago

I really like that idea of shifting the car design to the Disney app. I forget who raised it earlier, but it would be a nice upgrade and it would be fun to do in the queue without having to stop at a kiosk.

dreamfinding12 hours ago

I saw a pic of someone being evac'd. I never realized how dusty it is in there.

ChrisFL12 hours ago

I'm going to try to be there Sunday for one last ride if it's not too packed, or at least one last time designing my own vehicle in the post-show area

dreamfinding12 hours ago

Steering (haha) back on topic to test track...

lazyboy97o12 hours ago

There are asbestos records for Walt Disney World. Some have even found their way online in the past. There just isn’t much of a need for such records anymore at Walt Disney World. Back in the early 2000s Disney undertook a lengthy and rather comprehensive preemptive remediation project to remove asbestos from the property.

dreamfinding12 hours ago


dreamfinding12 hours ago

No idea. Maybe @Moth knows his whereabouts? if no one knows where he is, then he is probably the same place buzzy is

UNCgolf12 hours ago

There's probably some asbestos at the Magic Kingdom (or at least was at one point; it's possible it's all been removed as part of different refurbs, rethemes, etc. through the years), but I think it's unlikely EPCOT has any and DHS and DAK certainly shouldn't.