Walt Disney World's Test Track to close June 2024 to begin reimagining

Apr 05, 2024 in "Test Track"

New Test Track concept art
Posted: Friday April 5, 2024 9:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced that Test Track will close starting June 17, 2024, to begin work on the new version of the popular EPCOT thrill ride.

In this new piece of concept art, we see the new entrance marquee and note the removal of the overhead entrance area canopy to reveal a more sleek arrival area. The concept art also retains the existing outdoor track and suggests that it remains open and will not be enclosed.

Disney previously announced that Imagineers, along with teams from Chevrolet, are reaching back into history for inspiration – from the original World of Motion – and bringing that spirit of optimism to the next iteration of the Test Track attraction at EPCOT.

Details of the ride experience are scarce, but Disney has released a piece of concept art of the new experience. The look of the concept art suggests that Test Track may be moving into the EV era.

The current version of Test Track opened in December 2012, and as part of Chevrolet's sponsorship deal with Disney, the attraction is due for a refresh. The last day to ride the current version of Test Track will be June 16, 2024.

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Earlie the PearlieApr 22, 2024

To-scale layout courtesy of parklore.com. I essentially made sure that the two layouts were the same size, chopped up WoM into tiny pieces, and placed it around the TT layout. I figured that as you came up the hill, there could be a time traveling effect, and as you rounded the first corner, you could see the cavemen blowing on their feet. The skid off the road could be almost crashing into the invention of the wheel, and then as you came back up though that straightway the spinning-wheel projections could surround you. Columbus (or some other, less problematic explorer) and the sea serpent could be at the entrance to the slow rooms, in which you could fit some version of the bull scene. You could circle a scaled-down world's first traffic jam, and then the handling tests could be an elongated "let's go for a drive in the forest!" scene like in the concept art. Near misses with the unicycles, the pig man, and the air show picnic would be fun. Finally, the slow turn into the launch could be past a line of evolving vehicles (Chevys), and over the tunnel to the high speed loop could be a forced perspective city of the future that we are racing towards. The final turn to the exit (not shown) could have the pepper's ghost effect from the original. This way, the track doesn't need to be changed or enclosed, and plenty of resources could be spent on sets instead. Not based on any rumors, just my own blue-sky.

MothApr 22, 2024

Do you still have these mock-ups? Very interested to see what Test Track 3 is currently rumored to resemble!

Zummi GummiApr 15, 2024

Incidentally, and apropos of nothing, I rode the ride this weekend, and it was in rather sad shape. There was no narration, my car never showed up at the end of each segment, despite scanning in, and there were large gaps of the ride with no scenery or anything but neon stripes. It’s definitely past time for a refurb and I’m glad one is coming.

MothApr 15, 2024

I've heard sets are planned to be 'somewhat' better. I cannot comment on narration.

EeyoreFan#24Apr 15, 2024

I hope they use some of the budget to make the ride system support the new version. I feel they hamstrung themselves a little with 2.0 by not changing the ride system and following the same requirements. I get it’s an old system and changing the tempo and programming might not be easy, but I think they need to do something with the infrastructure itself. If they want to set apart from the last too.

aladdin2007Apr 14, 2024

lets get back on track about test track.

DonniePeverleyApr 14, 2024

Get rid and build journey to the centre of the earth like they have in Tokyo and what uses the same technology

HorizonsfanApr 14, 2024

Interesting. Disney choosing to explicitly say they’re using WOM for inspiration in TT3.0 and then confining any traces of WOM to a post-show Easter egg or two seems like one of the worst promo strategies they could go with. A sure fire way to make many people feel underwhelmed in the final product, regardless of it’s actual merits. I still think adding back the song, more robust sets, and a light-hearted narration are table stakes for saying you’re referencing WOM. Anything else is a wonderful bonus.

MothApr 14, 2024

Just to clear the air, I don't believe Bird and the Robot is returning. I heard rumors of the post-show getting a show like that (with AAs), but other than that, expect the WoM 'influence' to be minimal. I have no word on if the song is returning or not. I'm placing 51/49 odds on the song returning.

DreamfinderGuyApr 14, 2024

They would build a new figure lol, no sense in bringing back one from 40 years ago which has already found a new permanent home. It would probably cost less to make another one than it would to negotiate for the original back.

BagOfGroceriesApr 14, 2024

Nothing a little Disney money can’t fix!

DreamfinderGuyApr 14, 2024

Bird isn't in Disney's archives, he's in BRC Imagination Arts' "archives" (the company who produced the show and manufactured the figure)

MothApr 14, 2024

I thought it was Tyger... I heard murmurs that there's going to be a show like that in the post-show. I dunno if they're returning but I think Bird is still in archives?

splahApr 13, 2024

I hope they remove the anti lock brake swerve section. Rode last week and could have done without the spinal realignment