VIDEO - Changes to Star Wars Rise of the Resistance aim to increase capacity but may take you out of Batuu

Oct 29, 2020 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance - increased capacity October 28 2020
Posted: Thursday October 29, 2020 11:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is continuing to work on increasing the hourly capacity of its signature ride, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and recent changes have brought in a lot more plexiglass and a trip to another planet.

Since reopening in mid-July, each pre-show has been limited to just a handful of guests, along with just one party per ride vehicle. The ride has struggled with capacity since it opened in 2019, and the the physical distancing requirements of COVID-19 have amplified the problem.

Boarding Groups continue to reach capacity within 10 seconds of becoming available, and many guests are unable to experience the attraction during their visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

For a complete look at the latest changes, see the video below from yesterday for a trip through the queue and full POV of the pre-shows and ride, and scroll down for more details of what's new.

Outside of the attraction, operations is making much more use of available queuing space. The line often begins in Grand Avenue outside of Batuu, and once inside, it snakes around the area in-front of the ride entrance.

Physical distancing markers on the ground are dotted around the entire land.

To try to accommodate as many people in the queue as possible, and to keep them 6 feet apart, guests now go for a mid-story break out of Batuu and back to Earth for a trip to the Muppets overflow queue. See the video above for exactly when this occurs, but it's roughly half way in the main Rise of the Resistance queue.

You even get a view of a bit of Studios history, with a look at part of the still standing Streets of America facade that is now hidden from normal view.

After queueing along the Muppet overflow queue, guests head back inside and are suddenly back in Batuu to continue the story.

Back inside and on-theme, new plastic dividers are now in place in the pre-show area, meaning many more guests can enter the room at one time.

The transport shuttle is now equipped with similar dividers, fitting many more guests in that was previously possible. 

Depending where you happen to be positioned, it does impact your view of the animatronic figure and other effects on the transport.

The interrogation rooms are now equipped with 4 ground markers to accommodate up to 4 parties, which fits in with changes to the main ride vehicles.

Over the past few weeks Disney has been testing various types of plastic shielding on the main ride vehicles, and they have settled on a rigid panel to divide the front and back rows.

The new dividers mean two parties can now ride in a single ride vehicle, which is why there is now a need to accommodate up to 4 groups in the interrogation room.

It remains to be seen how the changes will work out and if Disney will be successful in getting more guests through the attraction. Boarding Groups have continued to reach capacity within 10 seconds since the new changes were introduced yesterday, and the total number of boarding groups loaded did not significantly change. 

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duncedoof16 days ago

By turning off the gimmick entirely, they don't have to worry about it anymore. At least that's my line of thinking

peter1143516 days ago

If that were the determining factor the ride would be closed. You could say the exact same thing about the sensors for any of the dozen show action doors or the four vertical conveyors.

duncedoof16 days ago

It's safe to say that's obvious. If those sensors fail, you get a whole vehicle full of lawsuits, if not worse. I wonder when, and how, they realized something was up and chose to turn off the effect. I hope they can fix it.

gerarar18 days ago

Great thread from a CM on the most common ROTR breakdowns. Was mostly surprised/interested by this piece of info as it was mostly known that the rides were constructed the same except for their queue space, but maybe that had an impact. Disney World has a way to bypass extended downtimes due to the ITS and can keep running sans ITS, but Disneyland does not (yet). But I do think a lot of breakdowns happen due to guests dropping items (hats, glasses, etc.) during the ride portion. There was a livestream some time ago where someone's hat flew off in the final Kylo scene with the wind blowing, and that triggered an E-stop. It's probably why it's very common that the CMs tell you to take off any "head-gear" before the interrogation starts.

Henry Mystic26 days ago

It’s a sensor issue. It’s likely it could be addressed in a refurbishment, but who knows.

Henry Mystic26 days ago

I really hope Rise gets a refurbishment. It’s been in rough shape for a while now. We’ll probably have to wait for a new ride to take up its ILL spot, but one can hope.

trainplane3Mar 03, 2024

Not the issue.

TrainsOfDisneyMar 01, 2024

I like that idea, maybe one could hide and the other pass and then hide and pass? Could be fun. The programming could be kind of hide and seek - would be a clever use of that space.

DisneyCaneMar 01, 2024

I don't know if it is possible but instead of having the transporter randomly back up for (now) no apparent reason, it should pull in next to a cannon to avoid being seen and then back out and continue. The way it is now makes absolutely no sense at all in the context of the ride story. They also need a complete wall to block the finale Kylo when in B mode. It's not that hard to see the AA there.

Magicart87Feb 29, 2024

Seems like an interim fix or b mode would be to have the guns retract or recoil backwards with the base still remaining fixed in place. It'd be a complete rebuild but still seems like they could still find a way to animate it while remaining stationary.

DisneyCaneFeb 29, 2024

I thought the same. They just had the doors open on the right side room and had a CM hold everyone and then release them to the transporter.

TrainsOfDisneyFeb 29, 2024

They wouldn’t collide but when the sequence got a little off timing the ride would stop. I think the issue now has a solution so maybe after they go down for rehab one day we may see them work again. Time will tell.

MisterPenguinFeb 29, 2024

That's odd since they have two Rey rooms.

DragonmanFeb 29, 2024

I have a theory that the cannons are stationary to avoid collisions with the ride vehicles but idk how true that is. It could just boil down to lazy maintenance or a yeti situation.