Update on Rise of the Resistance boarding groups including changes to return window

Jan 27, 2020 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Posted: Monday January 27, 2020 9:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

This past weekend saw an adjustment to the board group return window for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Previously, once a boarding group was called, there would be a two hour return window. That has now been changed in some cases to a one hour return window. It is worth paying close attention to the notification that you receive from My Disney Experience to ensure you do not miss your boarding group.

Boarding Groups continue to be in high demand, with the standard boarding groups typically gone within a minute of the posted park opening, and backup groups reaching capacity within 45 minutes of park opening. Best advice continues to be to plan to be through the turnstiles 30 minutes prior to park opening, and immediately access My Disney Experience at the posted park opening time to secure a group. As always, you can stay up to date on the latest including reports each morning and throughout the day in our forums.

Interestingly, Disney appears to be evaluating the situation, and has been surveying guests to see if they prefer virtual queues, FastPass+ and a standby line, or standby only. This may not only impact Rise of the Resistance, but the upcoming Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway.

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UNCgolfLess than a minute ago

I know they don't really have any great options so this isn't really a comment on the system itself, but reading this reminds me of how absolutely ridiculous it is that this is what's required to get on a theme park attraction.

mergatroid14 minutes ago

Thanks for that, much appreciated

disneygeek9019 minutes ago

It's more so the speed of clicking the join buttons and allowing the friends and family list to refresh. Typically the fastest possible would be about 2-3 seconds, so it's likely that in actuality everyone is between 5 or so seconds. I had tried to get a later group yesterday. Thanks to this recording, I knew something around 7:00:08 would be a filled and later called afternoon group. Once it hit 7 I started counting in my head, paused at the last screen for 2-3 seconds until I got to 7:00:07, and got group 61. I would guess if you pressed join at 7:00:07, even if your wifi took a little to load the confirmation screen, as long as the initial book window was clicked in time you would be fine. As for determining factors, it's the speed of the family and friends loading and also ensuring you don't mis-click. If you click just a liiiittle off the initial join button it will take you to the info ROTR page and is pretty much unsalvageable from there. Use your pointer finger, not thumb.

mergatroid23 minutes ago

A quick question. If the slots fill in 8 seconds, does that mean everyone who applied in the first 7 seconds got one? I get some wifi speeds vary but if somebody applied at 7am exactly and their wifi took say 3 seconds to connect, would they be successful as they weren't all taken til 7:08? Simpler still, what factors affect your chance of being successful?

DCBaker4 hours ago

1pm slots filled in roughly ~8 seconds - current groups called up to 78 (10 groups more than yesterday).

disneygeek908 hours ago

Previously they were doing an hour but last time I got one of those 8:40 calls it went until 10. I think they probably had some feedback about that. It also seems like the 15 min buffers are still fine. I was a couple mins late last week and it still showed green on their phone.

DCBaker9 hours ago

Groups began being called at 8:30am (1-13). Groups started calling ~10 minutes earlier than yesterday.

TriSeb10 hours ago

I hooked up my niece and kiddos from Houston!! Was seamless and all 7 were preselected so all i had to do is hit join, and one more tap, just as advertised here by the brain trust👍

DCBaker10 hours ago

7am slots filled in ~8 seconds.

RSoxNo120 hours ago

If I get group 1 (or really any of the first 10-15 groups) that are called prior to official park opening, how long is the window actually open? Using today as an example, Groups 1-14 were called at 8:40. Would guests have until 10:00 AM to check in at the ride? Do the 15 minute buffers from Fastpass+ days apply here as well?

DCBaker22 hours ago

154 is the last group of the night, called around 7:05pm (11 groups less than yesterday).

disneygeek901 day ago

Just went back up and I got through. About a 45 min delay.

DCBaker1 day ago

1pm slots filled in roughly ~9 seconds - current groups called up to 68 (5 groups more less yesterday).

disneygeek901 day ago

Aaaand it’s down. I’m right outside interrogation.