Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Lightning Lane access selling out early

Oct 20, 2021 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Lightning Lane signage at Star Wars Rise of the Resistance
Posted: Wednesday October 20, 2021 9:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

We are two days into the era of Disney Genie at Walt Disney World, and as expected, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance dominates demand for Individual Attraction purchases.

Guests so far appear happy to pay the $15 fee to access the Lightning Lane via the Individual Attraction purchase option in Disney Genie. Disney has said that Lightning Lane pricing will vary depending on demand, so consecutive sell-outs may move Disney to increase the price. Ahead of Disney Genie+ launch, we had heard of Rise of the Resistance pricing up to $24.

Yesterday, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance sold out around 9:50am, and today, it sold out by 9:30am. Standby lines have hovered around a peak of 120 minutes.

As a reminder, Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests can purchase up to 2 Individual Attraction selections for Lighting Lane access at 7am on the day of visit. Non-resort hotel guests can make a purchase when the park opens.

Based on the first two days, if your strategy is to purchase Lightning Lane access at Rise of the Resistance, do not wait long after the park opens to secure your ride.

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TQQQ9 hours ago

Friends will be in orlando for basketball tourney 12/27-1/1.......I'm the go to Disney expert and they've never been.........Asked what they should do if wanted to go to parks for 2 days and i set them up 1 night in Hard rock Universal.........2 free days express pass for staying 1 night in Hard Rock is a MASSIVE perk compared to Disney and during that week the express pass is worth its weight in gold............Genie blows and it cost Disney that customer as they are booked for Universal

TQQQ9 hours ago

all terrible ideas.......

HauntedPirate10 hours ago

Stick with Diet Coke, it doesn't stain when it comes back up. 😁 I was the runner, and I never got tired of it because it was a great way to be able to knife through the crowds without needing to worry about your family catching up. Or it was a way to get more steps in an attempt to burn through the calories consumed on vacation. FP was great... when you happened to find a machine that was left in "free" mode. :D "Oops, I accidentally pressed that button 6 times, darn it..."

CaptainAmerica11 hours ago

And there's a chocolate milk barf stain halfway between Kilimanjaro Safaris and Expedition Everest to prove it.

DCLcruiser11 hours ago

🙋🏼‍♂️ I was The Runner.

CaptainAmerica11 hours ago

Of all the iterations of FastPass, FastPass+, Genie+, and ILL, this was the worst feature to ever exist in any of them. Criss-crossing from Adventureland to Tomorrowland to Adventureland and back to Tomorrowland to get and eventually redeem a Space Mountain FastPass was miserable. More often than not, this resulted in each family having a designated "runner" who would grab everybody's ticket and run from machine to machine. Huge amounts of wasted steps for park traversal and splitting families up is a terrible system.

DCLcruiser11 hours ago

Don’t give away my secret 😜

nickys12 hours ago

No it isn’t. If your return time was over a certain amount of time in the future (2 hours? Not sure), you could get another one. That’s how people ended up with stacks of paper FPs.

G00fyDad12 hours ago

1. WDW is not a primarily "day-of" set of parks. They are a planned out vacation destination. Waiting until the day-of is not going to work for the majority of those that go. That is why. 2. Using multiple phones is not the only drawback here. I don't care if it is just a tricket you have to collect from everyone and scan. Having part of the party running all over creation is just stupid. AND it causes issues when that "runner" tries to catch up to their group in a line the group already got into. Too many issues here. 3. We'd still rather choose. 4. Never said it was going away. I just dismissed your solution. ;) 5. Fair enough. But as you said, it is not going to go back to "free". Not that is was actually "free" before. 6. Still, it is too constricting. We like to be able to stack (limited in a way) and you'll have excessive standby lines regardless of ANY choice they make. There just is not enough capacity to handle the crowds right now.

lazyboy97o13 hours ago

It didn’t work. All of these attempts to say go back to this or that completely ignore that the systems didn’t work.

Andrew2514 hours ago

A paid skip-the-line product isn't going away which is why they should go after the "all-inclusive" pricing model for it. No manager/executive in their right mind would remove that revenue stream.

epcotWSC14 hours ago

Why? Used to work just fine at WDW I thought it was great. Yeah, it was easier scanning your family's tickets rather than a bunch of phones. However, park tickets or magic bands also would work. The whole idea is to get rid of the constant staring at phones and refreshing nonsense. Get people back into the real world. I don't mind the idea of choosing when you come back, however, it's not like you had much of a choice in the past either. You'd refresh and get different times all the time. Whatever works more efficiently is fine, however, in the past you'd know that as the queue built up, then you were getting towards the end of available fast passes. I don't want a monetary fast pass, but you're kidding yourself if you think it's going away. Too many people seem to think that Disney is going to get generous when they've been raising prices every year for over a decade and never have decreased. No, you get no free fast passes, you have to buy into the cheap tier and then pay even more for the premium rides. It's exactly how the old school one worked and helps prevent too much stacking and excessive standby lines.

dmw14 hours ago

not a fan of your suggestion

G00fyDad14 hours ago

1. That would only work at DL. 2. Nope. That would be an absolute cluster(you know what). It was awful for the legacy FP and it would be worse now. Kids sprinting across the parks with 5-10 cell phones in ther hands trying to scan the family's phones for the FP. No thanks. 3. We would rather be able to choose. That is too much like Legacy FP. 4. Nope. Nuff said. 5. Isn't this the way it currently is set up? 6. Too constricting.