Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Lightning Lane access selling out early

Oct 20, 2021 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Lightning Lane signage at Star Wars Rise of the Resistance
Posted: Wednesday October 20, 2021 9:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

We are two days into the era of Disney Genie at Walt Disney World, and as expected, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance dominates demand for Individual Attraction purchases.

Guests so far appear happy to pay the $15 fee to access the Lightning Lane via the Individual Attraction purchase option in Disney Genie. Disney has said that Lightning Lane pricing will vary depending on demand, so consecutive sell-outs may move Disney to increase the price. Ahead of Disney Genie+ launch, we had heard of Rise of the Resistance pricing up to $24.

Yesterday, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance sold out around 9:50am, and today, it sold out by 9:30am. Standby lines have hovered around a peak of 120 minutes.

As a reminder, Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests can purchase up to 2 Individual Attraction selections for Lighting Lane access at 7am on the day of visit. Non-resort hotel guests can make a purchase when the park opens.

Based on the first two days, if your strategy is to purchase Lightning Lane access at Rise of the Resistance, do not wait long after the park opens to secure your ride.

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DCBaker1 hour ago

With the latest MDE update, the tip board now remembers what park you select if you change it from the default of Magic Kingdom. For example, if you close the app and then relaunch, it will go to the selection you chose, rather than going back to Magic Kingdom. Disney also added a new purchase banner on the tip board.

Patcheslee2 hours ago

Didn't Pirates have Sparrow installed in the last 2000's? How much did that influence popularity?

flutas13 hours ago

Looking at it, a new string resource was added (this is what shows as text in the app). On it's own the text is very, mundane, but the "key" for it is ... telling in my opinion. my_plans_park_pass_arrive_anytime_after: Arrive anytime after: Along with this some code changes to park passes, adding "slots" defined as "daily", "from open", "to close" and "other." I'm sure there's other stuff in here, but this is from a quick glance.

GhostHost100021 hours ago

does that mean they reverted back to FP+?

VelocityRaptor21 hours ago

Yeah the generic update release. Typically some members on here let us know the behind the scenes updates that don’t make it to the release notes.

bhg46921 hours ago

Android updated as well. With this release, we’ve introduced Disney Genie service. Using this complimentary interface, you’ll have access to new features, including: - A custom Tip Board, which can display estimated wait times for your top attractions and dining experiences. - A personalized daily itinerary creator that regularly updates as your plans change—and offers forecasted wait times. - The opportunity to purchase Disney Genie+ service. Additionally, we fixed bugs and improved overall app performance.

VelocityRaptor22 hours ago

New My Disney Experience app update today. iOS version 7.10. @disneyglimpses can you let us know of any changes?

Hawg G1 day ago

I waited over 3 hours for my first Beast ride in 1980. Granted it was a summer Saturday. But, yeah, the big new coasters would have Serious waits because they were so much better than anything else in the park.

Disstevefan11 day ago

Tell me how you really feel about Tom. Also, does being called unscrupulous by a representative of TWDC really mean anything?

Jeff42721 day ago

Wow. I feel Wow. It’s like we were made for each other.

cranbiz1 day ago

That was his sarcastic font.

Jeff42721 day ago

Ha. No I was just kidding I don’t read their crap

monothingie1 day ago

Even though the proprietor of "that site" has been described as unscrupulous, frequently engages in clickbait, allegedly steals information from others without crediting them, has been known to berate and abuse cast members, and even went out of his way to create a conflict with the proprietor of this site?

Jeff42721 day ago