Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Lightning Lane access selling out early

Oct 20, 2021 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Lightning Lane signage at Star Wars Rise of the Resistance
Posted: Wednesday October 20, 2021 9:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

We are two days into the era of Disney Genie at Walt Disney World, and as expected, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance dominates demand for Individual Attraction purchases.

Guests so far appear happy to pay the $15 fee to access the Lightning Lane via the Individual Attraction purchase option in Disney Genie. Disney has said that Lightning Lane pricing will vary depending on demand, so consecutive sell-outs may move Disney to increase the price. Ahead of Disney Genie+ launch, we had heard of Rise of the Resistance pricing up to $24.

Yesterday, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance sold out around 9:50am, and today, it sold out by 9:30am. Standby lines have hovered around a peak of 120 minutes.

As a reminder, Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests can purchase up to 2 Individual Attraction selections for Lighting Lane access at 7am on the day of visit. Non-resort hotel guests can make a purchase when the park opens.

Based on the first two days, if your strategy is to purchase Lightning Lane access at Rise of the Resistance, do not wait long after the park opens to secure your ride.

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jpinkc53 minutes ago

I like Navi but I wish they had not shortened it so much from the original plan for it, as it seems a bit rushed in the experience to me. I find myself just getting into it and its over, LOL

UNCgolf3 hours ago

This is exactly why I like Na'vi River Journey so much more than other people seem to. It feels like you've travelled to a rain forest on an alien planet. Of course the ride has flaws, but it nails what I consider the most fundamental part of a ride (or at least of that type of ride) -- that sense of travelling to a place. I think it's better than most (not all) of the other rides Disney has built this century solely because of that.

Animaniac93-983 hours ago

Disney theme parks used to be based on real places and real history. You weren't going on a "ride", you were travelling to a place. The atmosphere of the Jungle Cruise's indoor temple scene is palpable and so much more "real" than any 3D screen next to a track.

Animaniac93-983 hours ago

Well the parks would suffer for a number of reasons, but if these particular rides were replaced with shorter, lower capacity ones the park would be even more unbearable. Given how many decades these rides have lasted, I think this is an unfounded fear. I don't believe many guests really care that much about how problematic any of these rides may seem to some. The continued lines for Splash Mountain are a strong indicator that such analysis of these attractions is found mainly in hyper-focused online discussions, often by people who don't visit the parks. Disney may continue to make tweaks here and there to satisfy their own ego, but a wholesale removal of these key rides which continue to inspire merch and media is unlikely. If for no other reason than the cost of total repeal and replace would be prohibitive.

hopemax3 hours ago

This is the power of what the old guard built. I have wondered what would happen when things like Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise didn't exist anymore. And unfortunately, I think we're closer to that day than we think. Not because of Disney, but because of people. The changes to Pirates and Jungle Cruise were due to the presentation being considered "no longer appropriate." We have seen people wonder about the body in the Stretching Elevator. One day these changes may not even be enough for parents to think that the presentation is inappropriate and demand the removal of these attractions completely. It's important for new rides to be as beloved as the old stuff, and for me they just aren't. The lack of whimsy and charm, lack of music, too much reliance on screen technology, it ages them all in a way that practical scenery hasn't. It's not because the IP isn't strong enough, it's the execution. Too many attractions feel like they are just "theme park rides" and not attempts at transporting people to someplace different. I think movies and television suffer the same problem. The ones built with scenery, costumes, cinematography that wins Oscars vs green screens and digital effects that are entertaining at the time, but then show their age as the world moves on. Real places are simply more real. It's hard to quantify, but I believe people feel it.

Jrb19794 hours ago

It's why I loved Epcot so much when I was a kid and why I remember that more the most.

Animaniac93-984 hours ago

When I went to Magic Kingdom in October I overhead a woman say "that's the best ride in the park!" after getting off Big Thunder. What she loved most in that park was a 40+ year old roller coaster with no movie tie in whatsoever. What people want is entertaining experiences, not just recognizable characters or call outs to the ever fickle popular culture. There's a reason why WDSP is the least visited Disney theme park despite being an all-IP park with 7 Pixar rides.

lazyboy97o4 hours ago

The last decade has also seen a tourism boom. Little places in the middle of nowhere that haven’t changed in decades have become overrun with tourists. Some places are trying to discourage tourism because it has become too much. But here’s another question, if current Disney really has their finger on the pulse of what people want why is the least contemporary park at Walt Disney World the most popular? Why isn’t the most recently expanded, with one of the biggest properties ever, not the park that people are considering their prime destination? Of course even if Disney’s Hollywood Studios was the park to visit and was filling up every day it would likely remain the least visited park at Walt Disney World.

wutisgood4 hours ago

There is no park in existence as far as I know with the sheer people eating capacity of cedar point.

Jrb19794 hours ago

Those are outliers cause for the most part the majority of the big rides they add are people eaters. Either way Cedar Point does have something that DHS, AK, and Epcot wish they did have. That is lot of attractions. Cedar Point has over 70 rides.

wutisgood4 hours ago

I have seen disney close ride lines before park close. I never saw cedar point do this apart from the limited time they did this during covid and annoyed it before staffing got better.

Touchdown4 hours ago

Disney offers the same courtesy (soft close,) only two parks I know that do a hard close are Holiday World and Canobie Lake.

hopemax5 hours ago

Well, for us we were only allowed, by the rules of FP+, to make them 7 days in advance and for a maximum of 4 days. So if we needed 5 or 6 days in the park we would have to wait to book those days after we had already used our first couple of days. When trying to find FP+ for 3 people FOP, Navi, SDMT, Frozen, SDD, Alien Saucers were already sold out. Safaris, Splash, BTMRR, Jungle Cruise would only have availability for after 5PM. TSMM, ToT and RnRC would be hit or miss. We don't do Space, TT or Soarin regularly so I don't remember availability for those anymore, but it wasn't that great either. Sounds pretty crappy, doesn't it? This system allows us to access to some of those attractions, the same as the rest of you, because we can actually make them at the same time as you, instead of 53+10 days later compared to on-site or 23 days later than off-site. This system allows anyone who can't plan in advance, or didn't know they HAVE to have the same access as the 60 day people and the 30 day people. Because, guess what, we spend a lot of money too. And apparently Disney agreed we should (minus the stuff that sells out between 7AM and park opening). Note: I am still on team Standby Only, but of the two PITA systems, this one will work better for us because we are actually allowed to use it when times are still available to be booked.

wutisgood5 hours ago

1000 per hour but Cedar point will let a four hour line ride after park close on TTD because they care about their guests. Wicked twister was a small footprint and nice to have availible.