Star Wars Rise: of the Resistance to pause virtual queue and use a standby line for the first time in its history

Sep 16, 2021 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Lightning Lane signage at Star Wars Rise of the Resistance
Posted: Thursday September 16, 2021 3:07pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will pause its virtual queue and use a traditional standby line for the first time in its history.

The switch from virtual queue to standby only becomes effective September 23 2021.

Disney said, "We know our guests love choice and flexibility when planning their time in a theme park—which is why, starting Sept. 23, we will pause the use of virtual queue for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios may experience this incredible attraction using a traditional standby queue for the first time since it opened in 2019.

Virtual queues continue to be helpful with attraction access, merchandise launches, grand openings and more, and guests should continue to check the My Disney Experience app for the latest on how we’re using virtual queues across Walt Disney World Resort including its potential use at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at a later date, or from time to time."

When Disney Genie launches, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be one of the attractions that makes use of Lighting Lane, with paid access to enter the line. It appears that this pause in the virtual queue may be to prepare for the new system, or to give guests a chance to experience the attraction prior to the upcoming changes.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance has made use of the virtual queue since it opened in 2019. Boarding Groups typically reach capacity within seconds of being opened each day.

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plawren2Dec 03, 2021

key seems to be to take advantage of the 1/2 hr early entry, be at gates 1/2 before that time, and you will be right into short line; using that 1 hr could save you an addition 60-90 minutes if you wait even a little later

TrainsOfDisneyDec 03, 2021

So about the same as a normal Disney E-ticket?

choco chocoDec 03, 2021

I went on twice this week, once in the morning and once in the evening. I would say in the AM lines average about two hours plus and drop considerably the later it gets. My evening ride I only waited about 30 minutes.

tancDec 03, 2021

Seems to be what I expected, pretty crazy.

J4546Dec 03, 2021

I was at DL today and the line for RISE went to the hungry bear and looped back into GE but was stated only a 90 min wait. Luckily my GF has DAS so we could just walk right on, but 90 mins isnt too bad of a wait

HauntedPirateDec 03, 2021

Early last week - 4 hours.

tancDec 03, 2021

Bumping this sorry for the slight necro, was wondering after a while how the lines are now?

plawren2Oct 16, 2021

we are staying on site, so could simply take bus from resort at 7am

DKampyOct 15, 2021

I find if you get line. 15 minutes before park closing…you will wait less than 15 minutes

RoadiJeffOct 15, 2021

Unless you have an Uber dropping you off they will not even let you into the parking lot before 7:30am. We discovered that the other morning as we had to circle around and stop 1/2 mile up the road from the parking toll gate with our flashers on, acting like we had car trouble, until 7:30. Several other vehicles were doing the same thing. Yes, RotR could go down at 9:30am but it has a much better chance of coming back up sometime later in the day than if someone waits until 2 hours before the park closes before jumping in line and having it go down then. I personally wouldn't (and didn't) risk it. The other 6 people in our group had never experienced RotR and they thoroughly loved it.

plawren2Oct 14, 2021

we will see, also could go down at 930a while in a two hour wait... if it goes down later in day and we missing riding, so be it...nothing we can do about that.... but I don't see us getting to park gate at 7am for a 830a opening, fighting mass of hundreds to the entrance while hoping not to still have 90 min wait.

RoadiJeffOct 14, 2021

Good luck with that. I was in the park all day yesterday and saw the standby line go from 80 minutes at 8:45 all the way up to 160 minutes, which wasn't that far off our actual wait of 155 minutes at 9:10. I also saw RotR go down several times in the early evening. It came back up but I've seen it go down and stay down once it goes down in the evening. Evening hours were 90+ minutes when it was running.

plawren2Oct 13, 2021

nope, we get access into park at 830a but already seeing immediate wait of 2 hrs, willing to take chance we can ride in early evening with one hr or less wait

RoadiJeffOct 12, 2021

It's only a 2 hour wait if you're toward the back of the initial crowd rush. We are going to be standing at the gate by 7:30am tomorrow for the 9:00am opening. I know the early opening resort park guests will already be in there but it won't be as bad as if we waited until the park opens to everyone before showing up. We stood in line at 4:00am the first week when RotR initially opened, so I'm used to early morning waits for this fabulous attraction. Whatever it takes to get it done.