Backup Boarding Groups now available at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Dec 16, 2019 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Disney has today introduced Backup Boarding Groups at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance as efforts continue to streamline the guest experience for the latest Galaxy's Edge attraction.

When all Boarding Groups are full, it may be possible to join a Backup Boarding Group, which are designated from groups 121 and above.

Depending on the progress that day, guests in those groups may be able to experience Rise of the Resistance if capacity allows. Disney is making it clear that joining a backup group does not guarantee that you will be able to ride. As before, notifications will be sent via My Disney Experience.

Despite the backup groups, you should still plan on being at the park early, with the park still opening around 6:25am, and boarding groups reaching capacity before 8am, including the backup groups.

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Article Posted: Dec 16, 2019 / 9:28am ET
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gerarar2 hours ago

Ah I was mistaken with someone’s screenshot here. It (the app) only shows an estimated return time, not the current BGs-called. All I can think of is that they shut off that feature entirely from the backend or it’s simply a bug. The API did not even update for how long the virtual queue was open for today (for both drops) so maybe it’s gone for good. Hopefully not tho.

disneygeek905 hours ago

If I remember correctly, the app did something similar when they first updated the BG process. Hoping that it’s just a bug they need to pull back through. There are the groups called on wait signs around the park but it’s not ideal to hunt those down in the middle of your day to figure out if you should get in line for another ride or if you’re about to be called. I was evacuated a little after 10am, right after transport pre show. It was down for about an hour and I was off the ride at 11:20.

FeelsSoGoodToBeBad6 hours ago

That's not good. If you don't know what group they're on at a particular time of the day, how do you guestimate what you have time to accomplish before your BG is called. This would be especially an issue for those who have no familiarity with the average number of BGs called at any point during the day (i.e., ppl not lucky enough to have had a @DCBaker in their pocket for the last several months). Thanks for all your hard work DCBaker, it really has been helpful. Hopefully someone can figure out what changed and we're able to see your posts again! As an aside, I just check the app after reading posts by @venkmen and @NelleBelle. The app said RotR is "Temporarily Closed", but now looks like things are up and running with the "Use Virtual Queue Only" message.

disneygeek907 hours ago

I can’t even see the progress currently with a group. It just notified me I was called.

disneygeek907 hours ago

First groups were called at 8:45 today. I know that because I’m group 6 😝 They did give until 10am return window, which is a full hour after open. I think this is better for the first groups.

venkmen18 hours ago

When opening MDE under the ROR tab their is a Join button that takes you to the ROR virtual que page currently that page says the virtual que is not enrolling people and check back with tomorrow at 0700 or 1300. When I refreshed this page 5 seconds before 7 this morning it never gave me a Join button to press. Just went straight to all boarding groups are taken and to check back. Did the same process at 1300 and everything worked fine. not sure what happened this morning - just going to chalk it up to being unlucky I guess.

NelleBelle23 hours ago

Wait. I'm confused (quite easy for me). When I go into "Virtual Queues", I always have the blue button to "join queue" regardless of what time it is. When I hit "join", then it tells me that RotR is not currently enrolling additional guests. So when you tried at 7am, the join button wasn't there?? I'm planning to not use WiFi when attempting, but now I'm nervous 😬

gerarar1 day ago

So it seems like you can only see the current progress/BGs being called in the MDE app, if you yourself have a BG. I suspect they changed the api url for it. Someone just needs to scrape the app and/or monitor the network traffic for the new api endpoint.

venkmen1 day ago

Little update. So I cut off the WiFi and just used my Verizon data internet. Refreshed the screen at 12:59:56. Blue join button came up at 1300 - join - boarding group 107 not sure the difference other than the WiFi - which maybe me just looking for a reason other than just chance. will try again in the morning on Monday

jrlbc061 day ago

Sounds like you refreshed before 7, and not at or after. The button won't show up until after 7.

venkmen1 day ago

I was on the rise boarding group page, pulled down to refresh the screen 4 seconds before 0700. Never had a join blue button appear only a note that all boarding groups were gone for the day. we have joined boarding groups last year when you had to be in the park with no problem. I had even gone through the steps earlier this week when we were not here just to practice and always was able to hit join and it would deny since we didn’t have a park reservation that day. was just curious if there was something I missed or something that would give us a greater chance of success this afternoon. Thanks Daniel

Touchdown1 day ago

Thanks for all your hard work, sorry it has to end.

KevinPage1 day ago

WAIT, WHAT? Is this the end of an era?

KevinPage1 day ago

SUCCESS. Everything working except the final 2 canons which are (e)motionless as the prequels 🤩😂🤩