Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will not be operating during evening EMH at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Dec 14, 2019 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

As expected, it appears that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will not be part of evening Extra Magic Hours at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Evening EMH returns to Disney's Hollywood Studios on December 15 2019, and although Rise of the Resistance has not opened during morning EMH, it wasn't clear what would happen during the evening Extra Magic Hours.

Disney has notified Cast Members that the new attraction will not be part of evening EMH tomorrow, but the remainder of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will be available.

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Article Posted: Dec 14, 2019 / 7:25am ET
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DCBaker13 hours ago

87 is the last group of the night, called around 7pm (1 group more than yesterday).

Ldno16 hours ago

thank you for being indepth, i always hear suggestions to keep making a circle but given how they changed the entrance i’m not familiar with(i used the skyliner and used rideshare before) it’s all new to me!!

JohnD16 hours ago

Well, as with everything else, arrive at the bus depot more than an hour before park opening. Hopefully, you'll be toward the front of your queue when the bus arrives. If not, just remember that queues look longer than they really are due to social distancing markers. Also, fewer people are in buses for social distancing but at least you get a seat. But that also means you might have to wait for more than one bus. However, they have been stacking in more buses, particularly at resorts like Pop.

Dapale16 hours ago

What do you think our chances are if we're staying at Old Key West? We're heading down there Thanksgiving week and I know that the BUS service starts only 45 minutes prior to park opening. I've been to WDW a ton, but obviously Covid-19 has changed a bunch. Do you think our chances are fine with using the bus service? Even if we don't get a chance at 10am, I'm still confident that I could get a boarding group at 2pm. Just wanted to know your thoughts and if you had any input :p

Nunu17 hours ago

I'll do just that. Took the Skyliner twice last time, got BG's but it was nerve-wracking, I barely made it on time. Thank you for the detailed tips. :)

JohnD17 hours ago

Arrive at the entrance plaza at around 8:45 or so. Time your drive to the entrance plaza as close to BEFORE 9am as possible. If you see flashing lights, you may get turned around. If that happens, just keep making rights until you return. (Right on Osceola Parkway. Right on World Drive. Right on Buena Vista Drive. Right on Victory Way. Right on HS entrance). It takes about 5 minutes to circle around HS. If not, be thankful you're held outside the entrance plaza which starts moving right at 9am. That way, once through, you're directed to a parking spot close to the front. You'll still have to walk from your car but it's not that far. Then you can go through temp screening, security, and entrance before 10am. Feel free to position yourself wherever you want to hit first but keep an eye on your phone for joining the queue at 10am.

Nunu17 hours ago

So, with a car, would you suggest heading to DHS at 9/9:30? At what time do they allow people to enter the parking lot? Thanks!

JohnD18 hours ago

I got group #16 on Friday.

JohnD18 hours ago

I got group #28 on Tuesday.

JohnD18 hours ago

Possibly. Look at it in terms of numbers. I went solo last week. With COVID, I got an "escape vehicle" all to myself. I rode on two separate days and was never in a vehicle with another party. Before COVID, they would have tried to fill every seat.

JohnD18 hours ago

I was there last week. I found that, if you can drive to the park, that is your best option for getting in the virtual queue. Arrive at the entrance plaza as close to an hour beforehand without getting turned around. (I went to HS on two separate days and I got turned around on the first day and drove clockwise all the way around the park and returned 5 minutes later). I got into the park before 10:00 am (current park opening) and was immediately ready to join the virtual queue at 10:00 am. On my first day, I just hung out in Ronto Roasters and joined when my phone hit 10:00 am. I got group #28. In fact, on my first day, I was staying at Pop and got in line for the Skyliner which stretched all the way down the lake. I thought, "Forget this. I'll never get to the park in time." From Pop, a drive is a left out the main entrance onto Victory Way and a right into HS. So that's what I did. On my next day, I was in the queue for MMRR and was almost on the ride when it hit 10:00 am. I joined the queue and got #16.

DCBaker18 hours ago

2pm slots filled in ~7 seconds. Current groups called up to 40 (same amount of groups as yesterday).

DCBaker22 hours ago

10am slots filled in ~9 seconds.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Month of October...