Early openings continue for Disney's Hollywood Studios and changes made to Boarding Group process

Dec 09, 2019 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Disney is continuing with its plan of surprise early openings at Disney's Hollywood Studios, with the park opening around 6:30am this morning instead of the official posted opening time of 8am.

Guests have been able to join boarding groups to experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance since opening, and the attraction began operations around 7:15am.

Changes have been made to the virtual queue process. The system will now limit each guest to joining a single Boarding Group per day with the aim of allowing more guests to experience Rise of the Resistance.

Boarding Groups reached capacity at 8:30am today, which is the latest there has been availability since the attraction opened on December 5.

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Article Posted: Dec 09, 2019 / 7:27am ET

DCBaker2 hours ago

Groups began being called at 8:40am (1-13). Groups started calling at the same time yesterday.

Aries19754 hours ago

Thank you! DC Baker for running these numbers for us each morning/afternoon/evening. Thank you! Everyone for your expertise, ideas and support. I am so happy. Our first ride on our first try! And I did not have to drag teenagers to rope-drop with the new system. And I accomplished this feat with a Blackberry (using running MDE on Android OS)

DCBaker4 hours ago

7am slots filled in roughly ~10 seconds.

DCBaker16 hours ago

135 is the last group of the night, called around 7:05pm (10 groups less than yesterday).

DCBaker18 hours ago

Correct. ;)

rioriz20 hours ago

Sucks...hop to AK...5 minute waits for FoP 😲😲😲

gerarar20 hours ago

I jinxed it, ride went down right after I said this from 1:55-2:30pm......BG 170 might not be called anymore :(

gerarar21 hours ago

Interesting. If there are no downtime’s today (or 1 really small one), 170 should be called. So far flawless run today.

DCLcruiser21 hours ago

And now she is hooked for life. Well played Disney, well played, giving the brand new guest a taste.

DCBaker22 hours ago

If you are curious about the time, I waited until 3 1/2 minutes in and was still given a group of 170.

DCBaker22 hours ago

1pm slots filled in roughly ~4 minutes and 50 seconds - current groups called up to 79 (11 groups more than yesterday).

MisterPenguin22 hours ago

Exchange MB. You both have to be in the park to do it.

dmw1 day ago

how do you give the pass to someone else? I thought it was linked to a ticket...

rioriz1 day ago

Gave my pass to my brother. Hes a first timer and is in the queue now