Play Disney Parks app to offer new activities with the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Dec 04, 2019 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

The Play Disney Parks will offer two new experiences with the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance on December 5 2019.

With your Star Wars: Datapad, you can choose to support either side by selecting new jobs within the app as you move through the Resistance clearing and towards attraction. Look for the new Star Destroyer icon in your Datapad to take on these new jobs.

Distress Signal Received

If you choose to help the Resistance you’ll receive a distress signal from Finn, who is undercover on a Star Destroyer near Batuu. Connect and help him navigate the ship by selecting his path – and you may even free Resistance prisoners, reprogram droids and gather information on what the First Order is up to on the way. Depending on the route you share with Finn, you’ll uncover items and schematics exclusive to this assignment.

Infiltrate Resistance Recruitment

Meanwhile, First Order loyalists entering the Resistance recruit line will be tasked with surveilling and reporting back on the status of Resistance supplies. You will be able to communicate with a First Order officer as you make your way through, and with her instruction you may choose to scan crates, intercept transmissions or even plant tracking devices from your Datapad.

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Article Posted: Dec 04, 2019 / 2:18pm ET
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AL2000HS19 minutes ago

When I first started working at Disney this is exactly what I was told. But it depends on what they did. And age was a factor. Don't know how much of that was true but I did scare a lot of people from them stopping on the spot.

LieutLaww16 hours ago

Tbh if a guest breaks it they should be charged for it. New idea for the magic bands if something is broken they will be able to see exactly who was there and charge the MB directly :P

ioa79216 hours ago

Totally understand the work process and don’t blame the majority of paint issues on Disney. It’s just a bit disappointing. I’ve physically seen parents let their children peel off large sections of paint both at Disney and Universal. (Most notably some kid walked away with basically half the Transformers logo off of a wall) I don’t understand how people can have zero respect for their surroundings. I long for the the time when, at least in the stories I’ve heard, the paint teams would constantly strip down damaged paint and give things fresh coats on the regular. I struggle to get over my critical eye since I have a theatre design background.

AL2000HS1 day ago

A lot of times it's the guests that are bored and start peeling away at things. It usually takes months for a work order to get processed and approved to be done. Not a paint issue but I was a supervisor at an attraction and just to have something fixed took a year. Only a week later to be broken again by a guest. I am sure with a small crew they might have will take much longer.

ioa7921 day ago

Rode twice today due to an audio issue. Three separate weeks this month that the audio cut out in the AT-AT scene before getting in the elevator. The cannons before the escape pod scene also haven’t moved at all this month. To top this all off there are a ton of paint notes that need to be accomplished in this attraction and Smugglers Run. There’s a ton of paint pealing off air vent covers and the corners of dry wall and scratches on the Star Destroyer walls that detract from the overall visual experience. I realize the painters might not be working yet, but they need to clean this up somehow. Between Galaxy’s Edge and the paint pealing in the Alien Swirling Saucers cue, I’m beginning to think they got a deal on garbage paint or forgot to use sealer.

Dapale2 days ago

Here's a video streamed yesterday. At this time link (1:11:55), there is a fence that raises / lowers during downtimes to prevent people from possibly "falling down" there. It must've just not lowered when they started running it again

999th Happy Haunt2 days ago

Saw on Twitter someone said there is a fence in front of the probe droid but no pictures of it. Can anyone confirm?

SWGalaxysEdge8 days ago

I've been hearing (obviously unofficial) rumblings of a mid-October opening.

Magic Feather11 days ago

Markings and plexiglass have slowly been getting installed all across the resort. I remember they ended up finding something, but there were/are a lot of concern about DL’s tighter queues having adequate space (especially Fantasyland)

SWGalaxysEdge12 days ago

BACK to the topic...Rise of the Resistance... Just found out distancing markers are being placed within the (CA) RotR show building. (on the floors) Sounds like they are getting ready for an opening not too far away...

RSoxNo113 days ago

She's probably saying that her and/or Finn should have died at the end of The Last Jedi to substantiate their story line in that movie.

HanSoloDolo13 days ago

I wonder what Rose would be saying if she wasn’t about to be a Disney Princess...

rowrbazzle13 days ago

Oh, just the same TLJ arguments over and over. It's amusing to me.

Mike S13 days ago

It’s also a company that had no qualms pushing him to the side to please China. They’re right behind the movement until potential monetary gain is involved.