Play Disney Parks app to offer new activities with the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Dec 04, 2019 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Posted: Wednesday December 4, 2019 2:18pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Play Disney Parks will offer two new experiences with the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance on December 5 2019.

With your Star Wars: Datapad, you can choose to support either side by selecting new jobs within the app as you move through the Resistance clearing and towards attraction. Look for the new Star Destroyer icon in your Datapad to take on these new jobs.

Distress Signal Received

If you choose to help the Resistance you’ll receive a distress signal from Finn, who is undercover on a Star Destroyer near Batuu. Connect and help him navigate the ship by selecting his path – and you may even free Resistance prisoners, reprogram droids and gather information on what the First Order is up to on the way. Depending on the route you share with Finn, you’ll uncover items and schematics exclusive to this assignment.

Infiltrate Resistance Recruitment

Meanwhile, First Order loyalists entering the Resistance recruit line will be tasked with surveilling and reporting back on the status of Resistance supplies. You will be able to communicate with a First Order officer as you make your way through, and with her instruction you may choose to scan crates, intercept transmissions or even plant tracking devices from your Datapad.

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pdude812 days ago

I don't even mind B mode. It's more interesting to me, although I have no interest in paying for an ILL for a ride that isn't working.

Casper Gutman2 days ago

What’s odd is that there is nothing visually extraordinary about the appearance or performance of the Kylo AA. B mode should be an actor in a costume - the riders experience would be the exact same.

lentesta2 days ago

Yep - downtime is reported on the bottom of the wait-time graph. Here's yesterday, with 6% downtime for Rise:

gerarar2 days ago

No, not an insider or anything lol. But people in the know have said the main cause for problems are the elevators. Also when the ride is opened after a lengthy downtime, it usually runs at half capacity (one of elevators blocked off). I was there for when it went back up with 2/4 escape pod elevators down. I would assume a refurb would give them plenty of time to solve the issues with it, mechanical and/or software. Also, fix the cannons while they're at it -- it's one of the best parts of the ride!!

gorillaball2 days ago

Do you have knowledge the problems that cause it to go down could be resolved with a refurb? Honest question, not trying to start anything.

MisterPenguin2 days ago

@lentesta, do you have this type of data on your site for subscribers? In the meantime, there's....

TikibirdLand2 days ago

I hope so. But, I'd also like to know what's working/not working too. Seems there's a lot of "B" mode going on as well; and not just with Kilo. But, that is a pivotal scene. Having just the screen version would seem like a let-down if you've seen "A" mode...

Purduevian2 days ago

Does anyone online track ride downtime? I know people complain about this being down a lot (and it certainly seems to be), but I'm curious how often it is down compared to other rides (especially trackless, or Universal's Spiderman system)

gerarar3 days ago

The ride needs to go down for a couple months for a long refurb. But with ILL being sold out everyday within a couple hours after 7 am, the incentive is non-existent..

G00fyDad3 days ago

Hold on a second.... The Yeti has something to say about this..... :cautious: 🤣

TikibirdLand3 days ago

I can't believe they can't keep a brand new attraction working reliably. I'm not buying the excuse, "Well, it's a very complex ride". We're going on 3 years for this thing. You'd think they could work out all these bugs by now. Very disappointing...

gerarar3 days ago

Kyle AA at the end hasn't been working since like early December iirc. I think it's the same case over at DL also. The problems currently are the elevators from what I can tell and inference.

Brer Oswald3 days ago

That sounds to be about the same amount of time as I waited for each breakdown (there were two). I am wondering if Kylo is the problem child of this operation? Perhaps if he breaks down, they try to fix him for 30 minutes before just moving on and putting people through anyways? I know that some rides are shutdown temporarily if XYZ effects aren’t working (besides Splash Mountain, that one goes with multiple things not working all of the time). I guess when you have an attraction like Rise, with limited set pieces and show stopping moments, each individual scene carries more weight. I’ve also heard that there’s issues with the elevators, and the ride can’t exactly function if both of them aren’t working. I really hope they figure out the main issues and solve them soon because it’s starting to get a bit ridiculous.

Piebald3 days ago

I stayed and ended up riding. Final Kylo was down. Wait was 145m posted and I got on 2hrs with the delay which was probably half an hour.