PHOTOS - Detailed look inside Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Dec 04, 2019 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Inside the queue and ride of Star Wars Rise of the Resistance
Posted: Wednesday December 4, 2019 6:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With just a day to go before the official opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Disney has released detailed photos from the queue and ride of the highly anticipated attraction.

Click the gallery to see more from inside Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

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DisneyCane26 days ago

I'm really glad I didn't have spoilers before my first time either. Not having the "turntable" effect of the transporter ruined made for a great first experience.

Bocabear30 days ago

Sounds like a Yeti situation..... Hopefully they have a supply of strobes. It is great when it is all working...Really great.

Disstevefan130 days ago

I have never done this attraction and it looks like I will never see it in full operation.

GenerationX30 days ago

I rode twice when I was in town for the Gartner conference. I don't remember any cannons on either ride, so I assume that is a feature that was missing. BB8, the Rey projection, and the Kylo AAs were all active. I had ZERO spoilers going in, as I avoided any thread/article/discussion about the attraction. Those first steps onto the main ship made for an absolutely incredible experience. I hadn't felt that awed by an attraction since I first rode ToT twenty-two years ago.

Animaniac93-9830 days ago

I went on it twice in the same day last week and inbetween the first and second rides the Kyloe bridge AA stopped working. The others effects not working were mostly the same mentioned here. AT-AT guns, Kylo's lightsaber, canons and one of the windows in the cannon room seemed to be down too? not sure of the last one.

cjkeatingOct 29, 2023

I have a friend at WDW and he messaged me to say he rode ROTR twice yesterday with the following not working... BB8 in the briefing room Guns on AT-AT Finn AA Kylo bridge AA Lightsaber through ceiling Canons (obviously) Kylo finale AA This is actually similar to rides I had in August except... BB8 and lightsaber worked but Hux AA was also broken.

DisneyCaneOct 28, 2023

I rode 4x yesterday. In addition the cannons not working (which I assume will be like the Yeti and be like that forever), the Kylo AA on the bridge was not moving at all and the light saber cutting through the ceiling wasn't working on the path that ends up looking straight on to the AT-AT. The other path it worked fine.

MisterPenguinOct 21, 2023

I rode RotR yesterday. Everything was working perfectly except cannons.

sedatiOct 21, 2023

Rode five times over four days last month and the only effects not working were the cannons pivoting on the AT-AT and the canon recoil in the armory. I was actually surprised at how much movement there was on the pre show craft as I’d only seen videos.

gerararOct 20, 2023

I was there earlier this month and the ITS bases were moving/jolting around.

Marc Davis FanOct 20, 2023

I think Disney continues operating RotR under such poor conditions because they've determined that - because it's a central reason people are visiting the park - guest satisfaction would be lower if people couldn't ride it at all. Sooo... as @marni1971 said, the underlying issue is lack of attractions (e.g., it wouldn't be that big of a deal if it were down at Disneyland). But they might not be taking into serious-enough consideration the consequences of first-timers riding it in poor conditions and then reporting back to friends/family "it wasn't that great, not worth booking a trip over..." That happen to a friend of mine, who went on it first the first time when it was operating poorly, and reported back to me "I don't see the big deal, it was okay..." Also, excuse me if I missed this conversation, but... does anyone know why the ITS motion bases are shut off, and whether they'll be fixed? That's a huge loss, as I'm sure it makes the "flight" totally unrealistic/cheesy.

adam.adbeOct 20, 2023

Once they close the ride for maintenance, all those beautiful $25 ILLs just dry up for a season.

CM.X777Oct 11, 2023

Rise is in such a pathetic shape now. Motion bases for the ITS have been turned off, the guns haven't been functional in over 2 years, the ride vehicles looked trashed, and general throughout the whole queue props have been trashed and graffitied. Yet they still charge $25 for ILL, with none of that money going towards maintenance.

Animaniac93-98Oct 09, 2023

Will they let you get into line for this up until just before closing time, or will they cut it off before then?