New details on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride experience and backstory

Dec 04, 2019 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

One of the most anticipated attractions in theme park history opens tomorrow at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, the headline experience in the recently opened Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Disney has released a great overview of the experience and some of the unique elements that make this ride so special.

The Backstory

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …

It is a dark time for the RESISTANCE. Following the devastating Battle of Crait, the freedom fighters have fled with General Leia Organa to an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile, hunted by the FIRST ORDER and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, a band of Resistance supporters has established a temporary outpost on the remote planet of Batuu, thanks to scouting by Resistance spy Vi Moradi.

Here on the Outer Rim, the Resistance is rebuilding and searching for recruits to join the cause and help save the galaxy from tyranny …

Opening Dec. 5, 2019, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida and Jan. 17, 2020, at Disneyland Park in California, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance sets a new standard for what a Disney theme park experience can be, as guests become heroes of the Resistance in a climactic battle with the First Order. In one of the most immersive, ambitious and technologically advanced attractions ever created for a Disney park, guests launch into space aboard a transport shuttle, only to be captured by a Star Destroyer and pursued by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren as they frantically search for a way to escape the clutches of the First Order.

This new attraction inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge draws guests into a sprawling Star Wars narrative that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, as jaw-dropping sights brimming with vivid detail create surprises around every turn. In one of the longest Disney attraction experiences ever, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance delivers thrilling action driven by cutting-edge technology and innovative design that gives guests the feeling of stepping inside a Star Wars film.

Join the Resistance

Guests exploring Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge find the Resistance’s temporary encampment in the forested area along the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost on Batuu.

The gateway to the encampment is marked by a large turret. From there, a pathway leads deeper into the forest toward towering cliffs and the crumbling remains of an ancient civilization. Guests weave through low stone walls, timeworn pillars and tight corridors as they progress farther into the base, hearing military communications chatter along the way.

In a makeshift briefing room, Rey – a hero of the cause – appears via holo-transmission alongside dutiful droid BB-8 to welcome the new Resistance recruits. She shares a plan to reunite with General Leia Organa at an off-planet location that must be kept secret from the First Order.
Guests then board a nearby Intersystem Transport Ship (I-TS) and have to make their rendezvous quickly to avoid a First Order Star Destroyer on its way to Batuu. They should have a bad feeling about this …

An All-Encompassing Attraction Experience

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance throws out the rulebook for traditional attraction design, eschewing and/or blending industry notions such as “queue,” “preshow” and “ride” to create a seamless, holistic experience full of rich details and breathtaking excitement on a cinematic scale.

When guests board the I-TS, they’ll feel as if they’re lifting off the surface of Batuu and blasting into space alongside Poe Dameron in his signature black-painted X-wing starfighter, Black One.

Before the I-TS can make the jump to lightspeed, it’s caught in the tractor beam of a Star Destroyer and pulled into a massive hangar bay.

Guests make their escape from the Star Destroyer aboard eight-passenger First Order Fleet Transports piloted by reprogrammed R5-series astromech droids.

The attraction features grand set pieces – including the hangar bay that is filled with 50 menacing stormtroopers and a docked TIE fighter. At various points, guests dodge blaster bolts from stormtroopers and AT-AT walkers, scurry past huge turbolaser cannons, and stumble into the Star Destroyer’s bridge.

Throughout their journey, guests are hunted by Kylo Ren, who uses the Force in an attempt to pry from their minds the location of General Organa’s secret base. Guests feel Ren’s tremendous malevolent power as they narrowly avoid his attacks.

Authentically Star Wars

Actors from the current Star Wars film trilogy reprise their roles for new scenes and dialogue in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, including Daisy Ridley (Rey), Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), John Boyega (Finn), Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) and Domhnall Gleeson (General Hux). Many scenes were filmed at the same time “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” were in production.

Poe Dameron’s X-wing is one of several vehicles from the Star Wars galaxy appearing in the attraction.

Disney cast members adopt personalities of First Order and Resistance troops throughout the attraction to further deepen the immersive experience for guests.

Walt Disney Imagineering worked hand in hand with Lucasfilm in writing the attraction’s script, ensuring characters and storylines were properly integrated into the broader Star Wars

The attraction introduces a new featured character: Lieutenant Bek is a Mon Calamari Resistance officer who helps guide the Resistance recruits through their harrowing journey.

Cutting-Edge Technology Powers Immersive Storytelling

Walt Disney Imagineering combined multiple ride systems to tell the story of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. In one sequence, a new simulator experience gives the sensation of falling from space to crash land on Batuu.

The trackless ride vehicles in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance are some of the most advanced ever used in a Disney attraction, with a sleek, low profile and the ability to move in all directions.

Disney A-1000 Audio-Animatronicsfigures appearing in the attraction provide a deep level of immersive storytelling through their lifelike and dynamic movements.

To fully realize this Star Wars story, Imagineers created thousands of special effects, from slashing lightsabers and whizzing blaster bolts to exploding walls and massive star fields – just to name a few.

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gerarar1 day ago

There are now multiple ride transports with plexiglass, meaning Disney is actively installing them on all currently. In a livestream earlier, was able to spot two RVs with plexiglass installed. Note: they’re still not loading 2 parties yet, probably waiting until all RVs have the plexiglass installed. It’s probably too much to communicate between load CMs and the First Order CMs to tell if they have any 2 party RVs. Livestream link:

cookiee_munster6 days ago

Yavin 4 probably would have been a better fit for the land to go with the climate.

Kram Sacul6 days ago

Not doing it?

gerarar7 days ago

So it seems like ops isn’t even loading the transports with the dividers with two parties yet. The person in this video was in a party of two, yet no party got seated behind them, behind the plastic divider. Also something to note, the siren sound effect has been missing since reopening. This usually goes off after the first encounter with the storm troopers. The lights still go off and flash, but nothing is blaring in the background. Hope this gets fixed soon!!

Dapale8 days ago

I'm assuming that whenever they finally get to be removed, they'll just fill the holes with flat screw studs and paint over them. But yeah, will "permanently damage" them (unless they decided to completely replace that entire section of the hull lol)

gerarar8 days ago

Would this permanently “damage” the vehicles? I would assume these dividers get screwed onto the plastic/metal parts of the seats.

SWGalaxys_Edge9 days ago

Looks like Disney has decided to add Plexiglas to all of the RotR ride vehicles.

Movielover13 days ago

Those are a lot less visually obtrusive than the flexible ones. Still not ideal but better than the alternative...

gerarar13 days ago

Hard plexiglass dividers now being tested (and used) on ROTR transport vehicles!! Seems like ops is still figuring out whether to use the plastic flimsy dividers we saw a couple weeks ago or these new hard ones, similar to ones we’ve seen on other rides like Dinosaur. Pictures come from site that shall not be named. First saw it reported there also with pics.

TiggerDad17 days ago

Watching @marni1971's tribute video from the safety of our basement (available in December).

_caleb17 days ago

What's the alternative?

SWGalaxys_Edge18 days ago

"'s a plexi world after all..."

networkpro19 days ago

Oh contrare! My brother was born in Lakeland. We're talking before it became yet another concrete jungle.

Kram Sacul20 days ago

The magic of experiencing the ride with a piece of plexiglass in front of you. Can’t wait.