New early morning distribution of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance boarding groups quickly reaches capacity

Nov 03, 2020 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Virtual queue boarding group distribution began at the new time for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance today, but still reached capacity in less than a minute.

My Disney Experience began accepting reservations at 7am, and was at capacity 30 seconds later. This is about 3 times longer than the former 10am in-park distribution, which frequently reached capacity in 10 seconds or less.

Here is how the new process works.

  • Guests with a valid ticket or annual pass and a Disney Park Pass reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be able to access the virtual queue system and check for an available boarding group starting at 7am on the day of their park reservation. This can be done before you leave your Disney resort hotel, or wherever else nearby you might be at that time.

  • The virtual queue will reopen daily at 2pm for anyone who wasn’t already able to join a boarding group earlier in the day. Note: Guests must be inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios to access this second virtual queue opportunity, and access to a boarding group is subject to availability and not guaranteed.

Disney says that it is hoping this new approach will make a day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios more enjoyable and relaxing, as guests no longer need to be inside the park each morning to request a boarding group for the first virtual queue opportunity.

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Article Posted: Nov 03, 2020 / 7:02am ET
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NelleBelle3 hours ago

Wait. I'm confused (quite easy for me). When I go into "Virtual Queues", I always have the blue button to "join queue" regardless of what time it is. When I hit "join", then it tells me that RotR is not currently enrolling additional guests. So when you tried at 7am, the join button wasn't there?? I'm planning to not use WiFi when attempting, but now I'm nervous 😬

gerarar5 hours ago

So it seems like you can only see the current progress/BGs being called in the MDE app, if you yourself have a BG. I suspect they changed the api url for it. Someone just needs to scrape the app and/or monitor the network traffic for the new api endpoint.

venkmen7 hours ago

Little update. So I cut off the WiFi and just used my Verizon data internet. Refreshed the screen at 12:59:56. Blue join button came up at 1300 - join - boarding group 107 not sure the difference other than the WiFi - which maybe me just looking for a reason other than just chance. will try again in the morning on Monday

jrlbc067 hours ago

Sounds like you refreshed before 7, and not at or after. The button won't show up until after 7.

venkmen8 hours ago

I was on the rise boarding group page, pulled down to refresh the screen 4 seconds before 0700. Never had a join blue button appear only a note that all boarding groups were gone for the day. we have joined boarding groups last year when you had to be in the park with no problem. I had even gone through the steps earlier this week when we were not here just to practice and always was able to hit join and it would deny since we didn’t have a park reservation that day. was just curious if there was something I missed or something that would give us a greater chance of success this afternoon. Thanks Daniel

Touchdown11 hours ago

Thanks for all your hard work, sorry it has to end.

KevinPage11 hours ago

WAIT, WHAT? Is this the end of an era?

KevinPage11 hours ago

SUCCESS. Everything working except the final 2 canons which are (e)motionless as the prequels 🤩😂🤩

DCBaker11 hours ago

With the recent change yesterday, I'm no longer able to see group progress - including when they begin calling. I hope it was helpful!

DCBaker11 hours ago

Can you describe what you did a little more? Did you just sit on the screen without refreshing at exactly 7am? The group availably won't be shown until it hits 7am.

venkmen11 hours ago

Yes - we were at 6:59:55 - just typed wrong. Was just looking for helpful advice Thanks Daniel

dmw11 hours ago

maybe try at 6:59:55?

venkmen13 hours ago

So I tried this morning - was on the virtual que page and refreshed at 7:59:55 and literally it never even gave us the option of joining a group. only defaulted to next available group to join is at 1pm. Any suggestions on something to do different? Thanks Daniel

KevinPage13 hours ago