New early morning distribution of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance boarding groups quickly reaches capacity

Nov 03, 2020 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Posted: Tuesday November 3, 2020 7:02am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Virtual queue boarding group distribution began at the new time for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance today, but still reached capacity in less than a minute.

My Disney Experience began accepting reservations at 7am, and was at capacity 30 seconds later. This is about 3 times longer than the former 10am in-park distribution, which frequently reached capacity in 10 seconds or less.

Here is how the new process works.

  • Guests with a valid ticket or annual pass and a Disney Park Pass reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be able to access the virtual queue system and check for an available boarding group starting at 7am on the day of their park reservation. This can be done before you leave your Disney resort hotel, or wherever else nearby you might be at that time.

  • The virtual queue will reopen daily at 2pm for anyone who wasn’t already able to join a boarding group earlier in the day. Note: Guests must be inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios to access this second virtual queue opportunity, and access to a boarding group is subject to availability and not guaranteed.

Disney says that it is hoping this new approach will make a day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios more enjoyable and relaxing, as guests no longer need to be inside the park each morning to request a boarding group for the first virtual queue opportunity.

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networkpro2 hours ago

We'll be there tomorrow morning so I can comment then.

RSD Part Deux2 hours ago

I would love to hear how Early Access went this morning for Rise.

NearTheEars13 hours ago

Hopped back in line at around 7:30 p.m. with a posted wait of 60 minutes. Ended up all the way through the attraction before 8:30. The line never really stopped except for the preshow rooms.

CntrlFlPete20 hours ago

luck of the draw as always. We went over to RoTR around 10:30 ish, posted time was 120. We were at a dead stop for over 10 minutes so we figured the ride was down, then we moved a little -- then they stopped letting folks join the queue, we were dead stopped for around 30 minutes at that point. Things were not so bad once the queue started moving again -- it took us 131 minutes to reach the first pre-show, so the posted time was good (if it is to the first show room) but it was really due to down time on the ride itself.

NearTheEars20 hours ago

I very much enjoy the standby line so far. Entered the line at 2:30 today. We got to the indoor portion by 2:55. Then on the transport ship at 3:20. Hoping the per ride cost of lightning lane will keep it's usage down. But we shall see. *** Forgot to note that the posted time was 90 minutes.

networkpro22 hours ago

It's a good week for this. It's Saturday and the parks are pretty empty.

disneygeek9022 hours ago

disneygeek901 day ago

It’s “working out” during the slowest season of the year, with no LL. If anything I think DL is more equipped to handle the standby line than DHS. They have a ton more attractions in that park to disperse crowds.

J45461 day ago

seems like the standby line to Rise is working out pretty swell, hopefully it comes to DL soon

MisterPenguin2 days ago

disneygeek902 days ago

Entered queue at 7, 40 mins to the first preshow. About an hour for the full ride. Loved it tonight but let’s see what happens with more crowds + LL. For now, take that @KevinPage ! 😜

Darstarr2 days ago

I was thinking that very same thing.

wdwmagic2 days ago

DCBaker2 days ago